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In Saturday’s Austin American-Statesman, there was an
article about Wal-Mart’s Letter to the City stating it is willing to reduce the
size of the planned Supercenter for Northcross from 219,000 sq ft to 186,500 sq
ft. (191,000 including the garden center). See Wal-Mart will reduce size of
Northcross store
, by Sarah Coppola.

According to the article, RG4N has already said the change
in size won’t make a difference on the impact it will have on traffic. By
making the Supercenter come in under 200,000 sq ft, the City of

Austin will not require Wal-Mart to apply the higher traffic estimates that a
Supercenter of that size is estimated to generate. This is not a perfect
science. The traffic counts collected by COA staff at other Austin Wal-Mart
stores clearly demonstrate that the traffic estimates from the Institute
of Transportation Engineers vastly
underestimate the amount of traffic generated by supercenters. A new traffic
analysis will be submitted by Lincoln
to the City by mid-June.

Allandale’s position on the development has been concern for
the impact the Supercenter will have on the traffic and intersections on Burnet
and Anderson roads as well as its impact on neighborhood streets. To date its
impact on neighborhood streets has not been included in any analysis. Additionally,
Allandale is concerned about the impact the Supercenter will have on local
businesses and the character of the neighborhood.