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Here are things that neighbors say they dislike about VMU.
Do you agree? In the coming Allandale VMU Survey, you can tell us what you

  • Causes parking overflow into the neighborhood
  • In many places, parking is already scarce. VMU will reduce
    parking even more, and its clientele will have to park in front of our houses.
  • Increases rush-hour congestion on main roads
  • If VMU reaches maximum density everywhere, it will add
    35,000 trips per day. Even a fraction of this will cause Burnet or Anderson to
  • Brings people who won’t get involved in the community
  • Transient renters without close ties to the neighborhood
    will weaken the community spirit that we value.
  • Intrudes on the privacy of nearby homes
  • VMU will build to the maximum height and new residents will
    loom over adjacent back yards during non-work hours.
  • Increases traffic spillover onto neighborhood streets (continue reading VMU: Will it be…)