Luke Stence, a bassist in the McCallum Orchestra, played for the neighbors passing
by, to get practice performing his solo piece, the 1st movement of the
Dragonetti Concerto, for the upcoming State UIL Solo & Ensemble
Contest. An open invitation was sent out
via the Shoalmont Listserve, to come and listen last
Wednesday evening between
6:30 and 7PM. His teachers, Ricky Pringle and David Neubert, told
him to play for as many people as possible, to prepare for the contest. His mom, had the idea to have him play outside in the yard, because so many people are out walking in the
evenings. He did this last spring as well, and it proved to be a great way to get a lot of practice playing
for an audience. About 25 folks stopped to listen to the 7 minute piece, and
the Adams-Witt family brought Girl Scoutcookies
to share.