submitted by Katie Hansen [Email address: k.hansen #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

In attendance: Dan Jones, Tom Linehan, Paulette Kern, Cathy
Yang, Katie Hansen, Allan McMurtry, Brent Slojseth, Michale Bomba, Joe

Tom Linehan calls meeting to order at 7:05.

Katie Hansen reads minutes from 4.25.07. Paulette Kern moves to approve minutes. Allan
McMurtry seconds. Approved.

I. Membership
committee report Dan Jones:
The MC has integrated data that came from Paul Nagy with
membership forms that had not been entered into the database. The fundraising committee has also entered
membership information into a database. Total is approximately 400 members of ANA.

The ANA needs a membership coordinator.

Allan McMurtry makes a motion to create a small membership committee.  Dan Jones makes a friendly
amendment that the treasurer takes over the membership committee. Allan accepts the friendly amendment. The
membership committee should notify any members of any ANA committee or the EC
if any of their memberships have lapsed. Motion seconded.

Membership committee will be made up of: Joe Reynolds, Dan
Jones, and Tom Linehan.

Motion passes.

Approval of associate memberships. Dan Jones has noticed that are several ANA
members that do not live within the Allandale neighborhood boundaries. The intent of the bylaws is to allow the EC
to approve or disapprove associate memberships. Businesses can only be associate members. Cathy Yang would like to note
that maybe these members do not realize that they are applying for associate
membership which does not convey voting rights. Associate members will be
contacted. Cathy Yang nominates Bill Penn as an associate member as well.

Dan Jones makes a motion to approve associate memberships
Imron Goldstein
Joe and Louise Wiley
Arbor Auto Works
Joyce Hogan
Greg Dickenson and Christie Walters
Bill Penn

Joe Reynolds seconds.

Motion passes.

Proposed rules regarding use of the membership database:

II. ANA Membership Database Guidelines

The Treasurer in accordance with the bylaws is responsible
for maintaining "a membership roster of regular and associate
members." In this capacity, the
Treasurer is responsible for managing ANA’s membership database in accordance
with the membership rules approved by the EC (see below). The scope of this
function includes: maintaining the membership database, i.e., entering and
updating the membership database, reporting on status of membership, and acting
as gatekeeper for usage of the names and contact information contained in the

Tom Linehan suggests the following rules to be used as a
guide for the use of member information:

Membership Rules

1. Usage of the membership database will be
consistent with ANA bylaws, "The membership roster and mailing list of the
Association may not be used for political, commercial, or other activity not
directly related to the Association."

2. The
membership database will include at a minimum the following information on each

· name

· address

· phone number

· email address

· amount paid

· committee

· date

3. The membership
database may be used by the Executive Committee and any of the individual ANA
committees to:

· determine
membership status

· communicate
with members who indicated on their membership an interest in a committee

·  inform residents of upcoming events

· keep members
current on ANA-related issues

· recruit
volunteers for an ANA committee, event, or activity

· fundraising
for an ANA sponsored project

4. These rules are
limited to the membership database and do not include contact information
collected by an individual committee through other means, e.g., people who
register to participate in a neighborhood event put on by the fundraising

5. The membership
database will be maintained by the Treasurer of ANA or a person designated by
the Treasurer, and can only be shared with other EC members and committee
representatives in a hard copy format. The Treasurer or his/her designee may
not provide an electronic version of the membership database to anyone within
or outside the association without prior EC approval.

6. The membership
database will be updated throughout the year as new memberships are received.

7. Membership
correspondence must be reviewed by the committee chair, the communications
chair, and the ANA President. The purpose of the review is for awareness and
conformity with ANA’s position on a particular position if such a position has
been stated. It is not to edit or rewrite the correspondence.

8. All emails sent
using the membership database will include an "opt-out" option that
allows the receiver to be removed from future ANA emails. (see sample email)

Michael Bomba suggests that only membership committee
members will have access to this database and that the EC will have control
over the content of the e-mail communications that are sent out.

Michael Bomba also suggests that the guidelines be amended
so that only an officer of the ANA EC can send out the e-mail.

Allan McMurtry makes a motion that the ANA bylaws be
modified to this degree and enact the guidelines suggested by Tom Linehan. This bylaw change would last only until
September at the General Meeting. Cathy Yang seconds.

Motion passes.

Dan Jones makes a motion that the rules go the Membership
committee for a comment period.

Joe Reynolds makes a friendly amendment to allow the use of
these rules until the membership committee reviews it.

Paulette Kern seconds.


III. VMU- Kerry Kimbrough

– VMU team has completed coffee information sessions and has
a proposal for VMU in Allandale. The VMU
team has been meeting with Crestview, Brentwood and
North Shoal creek to coordinate efforts. VMU team has also met with Laura Morrisson of the ANC, and a few
property owners along Burnet Road. Only about 40 people have attended the VMU coffees.

The VMU committee wants to do an online survey.

VMU has about 250$ unspent from original 500$
allocated. VMU team will use this to
make signs to direct Allandale residents to the website to take the survey.

IV. Director’s and Officer’s Insurance: Cathy Yang

Jimmie Connolly Company was approached for D&O insurance
for the ANA executive committee. D&O
insurance will cost 1,423$ /year with a $1,000,000 limit and 1,000$ deductible.

Katie Hansen makes a motion that the EC meet to vote on
D&O insurance within 2 weeks. Michael Bomba seconds.

Allan McMurtry makes a friendly amendment that the D&O
insurance would be the first item on the agenda.

Katie Hansen accepts the friendly amendment.

Motion passes.

Northcross Committee: Allan McMurtry
Allan McMurtry received a letter from city regarding site
plan analysis of Northcross. LP has
until June 19th to respond.

Beautification Committee: Linnea Anderson
The ANA had "Its my park day". The cleanup effort covered Shoal Creek
Greenbelt and Great Northern was very successful. The BC is organizing events and educational
seminars on various issues. Their goal is to shoot for 200 volunteer hours over
the course of the year to aid in beautifying our green spaces in the Allandale
Neighborhood. Activities will be listed on the Austin Parks Foundation website.