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Well folks it went on without a hitch, the first Allandale Tyke and
Bike ride. I just posted photos from Saturday’s event that was held on
Northland starting at the Glad Tidings church at 9:00 a.m. A total of 98 children
from all over Allandale and neghboring areas showed up to pedal, skate,
roll or be rolled to the finish at Amy’s Ice Cream where they were
served up free ice cream. It was a blast.

The event was the idea of ANA Executive Committee member Laura
Slaughter as a way to raise funds for the Allandale Legal Fund while
bringing neighbors and their children together for a fun gathering.

Prior to the start, long time Allandale resident and representative of
the Austin Cycling Association, Marc Miller provided helmet fittings
for interested participants. He gave away about a dozen helmets in the
process courtesy of Austin Cycling Association. Just before the kids
lined up for the start Marc gave a quick demonstration on the proper
way to wear a helmet. He concluded by reminding the group helmets are
to be worn by children and parents alike.

The 1/2 mile course on Northland Dr. was ideal for the event. The
riders were flagged to start the ride by volunteer Steve Reedy, aka Cow Daddy, dressed in Amy’s cow costume. While the group had a police escort,
there were no cars on the street other than ones already parked there.
And the weather was perfect. Homeowneres along the route were out in
front of their house cheering the riders on. Everybody likes a parade.
Some of the older kids quickly completed the course while the smaller
riders and the parents on foot brought up the rear.

The event took better than a month to plan and organize. Many people
helped out with the ride today but much of the planning, organization,
promotion and prep work was carried out by Laura Slaughter and Marlene
Meador. They did a great job!.

Many thanks to Amy’s Ice Cream and Nelo’s Pro Cycles for sponsoring the
event. Jeremiah Alvarado, co-owner of Nelo’s Pro Cycles located at Anderson and Shoal Creek, was there with his wife and two
children who participated in the event. Nelo’s donated water bottle cages and bike lights to
participants. Parents were also able to drop off their registration at
both Nelo’s and Amy’s. Thanks also go to Glad Tidings church for the use of their site for participants checking in and for providing the
free balloons.

A neighborhood event that brings together neighbors, childeren,
things with wheels and ice cream. Can’t beat that! The first ever
Allanale Tyke and Bike Ride was a success! Take a look at the photo gallery. Many thanks to Victor Engel for contributing many of the photos in the gallery.