sumbitted by Katie Hansen [Email address: k.hansen #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Executive Committee members in attendance: Joe Reynolds, Tom
Linehan, Laura Slaughter, Paulette Kern, Allan McMurtry, Michael Bomba, Katie
Hansen, Dan Jones, Brent Sjolseth, Cathy Yang.

Meeting minutes were read and approved for May 9, 2007.

Treasurer report: Joe Reynolds

Legal Fund
Regular $5948.01
Savings $9575.98
Total $32,193.3

The amount of donations raised for Legal Fund is
$18,852.58. Have expended $22,062.20 on lawyer
fees and traffic engineer.

The current treasure still has not received the
records from the previous treasurer.

Report on D & O insurance: Cathy Yang

Joe Reynolds has expedited an application form for a new
quote for D & 0 insurance. The

anticipated cost for this insurance will be approximately
$1,500/year for $1 million coverage. Allan McMurtry suggests that we should
consider a policy that protects not only Executive committee members, but also
volunteers and committee members. A
quote for D&0 could be available as early as Friday.

Fundraising Committee: Laura Slaughter and Joe Reynolds

The Tyke and Bike event had 93 children registered. The event grossed 2,035 dollars. Net profit is
around $800. Laura has received lots of very positive feedback about this
event. The kids really enjoyed the
event. The next event is a planned
appeal to our neighbors for more financial support for the Northcross issue.

Marlene Meador has a friend from New Braunfels who is
willing to work with the ANA on some mass mails outside our neighborhood based
on demographic data. These mailings will target locations around town that have
been impacted by huge retail developments within neighborhoods.

Membership Committee: Dan Jones

The number of members stands at just under 400 households.
Of these 125 had been entered by the previous treasurer plus a shoebox full of
memberships that had not been entered into the database. The database appears
to have several inaccuracies in it, such as members who have duplicate memberships.
We will not worry about correcting these inaccuracies, but try to fix things as
we go along. Only have 1/4 to 1/3 of the e-mail addresses for these members
available. We need to increase our membership.

Northcross Committee: Allan McMurtry

We have several strategies that we are working on.
1) Appeal to the board of adjustments if site plan is
2) We have requested a meeting with the City Traffic people.
This will take place next week.
3) The ANA has been collaborating with RG4N.
4) Evaluating our options on filing a lawsuit against the
City of Austin.

Lincoln Properties filed an amendment to the TIA on Friday. Although
Wal-Mart has reduced the size of the store slightly, Allan heard that it will
not decrease the number of SKUs sold. This is unconfirmed. The decrease in size
is predicted to come out of common areas and a decrease in the width of the

Newsletter: Cathy Yang

The next edition of the newsletter is near completion and
will be ready for distribution the second week in June. Worley has increased printing costs. Right now, the newsletter is approximately
$700 in profit per issue if we could calculate it by looking at ad space and
our costs. We can’t do this yet because we are still honoring commitments for
ad space from last year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m