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Knife Sharpest

Knife_sharpest_014submitted by Tom Linehan

If you ever need those kitchen knives sharpened and you live
in Allandale you’re in luck. The only knife sharpening and sales store in the
city is just a few blocks away on Burnet Rd,
right across from Blue Star Cafeteria and next door to the AA Lawnmower.

I wasn’t planning on taking my kitchen knives for
sharpening when I went in the shop on a Saturday afternoon.

Allandale Executive Committee Meeting: March 23, 2007 Minutes

sumbitted by Katie Hansen

Executive Committee members in attendance: Joe Reynolds, Tom
Linehan, Laura Slaughter, Paulette Kern, Allan McMurtry, Michael Bomba, Katie
Hansen, Dan Jones, Brent Sjolseth, Cathy Yang.

Meeting minutes were read and approved for May 9, 2007.

Treasurer report: Joe Reynolds

Legal Fund
Regular $5948.01
Savings $9575.98
Total $32,193.3

The amount of donations raised for Legal Fund is
$18,852.58. Have expended $22,062.20 on lawyer
fees and traffic engineer.

Addition of managed lanes and noise barriers recommended by MoPac 1 project team

TxDOT and the MoPac 1 project team met with nearly 200
interested citizens at two open houses in April to discuss a recommendation for
improving mobility on Loop 1 from FM 734 (Parmer
  Lane) to the Cesar Chavez
  Street interchange. As proposed, the recommended alternative
involves adding one managed lane in each direction, improving traffic flow
across the Town Lake bridges by adding one more thru-lane each way, and adding approximately seven
miles of noise barriers in residential areas throughout the central corridor.

Oak Wilt

submitted by Damon Waitt

A recent news story in the AAS raises the question whether
Allandale residents should be concerned about oak wilt in our neighborhood.
Unlike Lakeway and other areas in the Texas Hill Country, the Allandale urban
forest is not characterized by dense stands of live oak with interconnected
root systems that facilitate the spread of the oak wilt fungus. That’s the good
news. However, oak wilt can also be transmitted by sap feeding beetles carrying
spores from infected red oaks to improperly pruned or wounded live oaks.
Following are some common question and answers about oak wilt if you are not
familiar with this disease that is responsible for killing over a million oaks
in central Texas.

Sidewalk Soloist

Luke Stence, a bassist in the McCallum Orchestra, played for the neighbors passing
by, to get practice performing his solo piece, the 1st movement of the
Dragonetti Concerto, for the upcoming State UIL Solo & Ensemble
Contest. An open invitation was sent out
via the Shoalmont Listserve, to come and listen last
Wednesday evening between
6:30 and 7PM. His teachers, Ricky Pringle and David Neubert, told
him to play for as many people as possible, to prepare for the contest. His mom, had the idea to have him play outside in the yard, because so many people are out walking in the
evenings. He did this last spring as well, and it proved to be a great way to get a lot of practice playing
for an audience. About 25 folks stopped to listen to the 7 minute piece, and
the Adams-Witt family brought Girl Scoutcookies
to share.

First Ever Allandale Tyke and Bike Ride

07058166submitted by Tom Linehan

Well folks it went on without a hitch, the first Allandale Tyke and
Bike ride. I just posted photos from Saturday’s event that was held on
Northland starting at the Glad Tidings church at 9:00 a.m. A total of 98 children
from all over Allandale and neghboring areas showed up to pedal, skate,
roll or be rolled to the finish at Amy’s Ice Cream where they were
served up free ice cream. It was a blast.

Minutes from 5.9.07 EC Meeting

submitted by Katie Hansen

In attendance: Dan Jones, Tom Linehan, Paulette Kern, Cathy
Yang, Katie Hansen, Allan McMurtry, Brent Slojseth, Michale Bomba, Joe

Tom Linehan calls meeting to order at 7:05.

Katie Hansen reads minutes from 4.25.07. Paulette Kern moves to approve minutes. Allan
McMurtry seconds. Approved.

I. Membership
committee report Dan Jones:
The MC has integrated data that came from Paul Nagy with
membership forms that had not been entered into the database. The fundraising committee has also entered
membership information into a database. Total is approximately 400 members of ANA.