submitted by Katie Hansen

Board members in attendance:

Michael Bomba,
Joe Reynolds, Allan McMurtry, Cathy Yang, Tom
Linehan, Paulette Kern, Dan Jones, Katie Hansen.

Prior to the meeting call to order, Steve Zettner reiterated
that there is no currently proposed VMU development occurring on Burnet
  Road. The
storage center was used as a hypothetical case study for the planning
team. There are no current plans to
re-develop this site.

Call to order 7:05 pm

Purpose of meeting is to debate and vote on the ANA
supporting a boycott of Walmart.

Background: The following motion was made at the March
General Meeting of the ANA by Jan Triplett. This motion was tabled by the ANA. Michael Bomba made a motion to have a special general meeting to discuss and vote on the
boycott. The motion read at the General
Meeting is as follows:

RESOLVED, That we, the undersigned, join with Responsible
Growth for Northcross in supporting a citywide boycott of all Wal-Mart stores,
including Sam’s Warehouses, until the proposed supercenter is removed from the
redevelopment plan for Northcross Mall.

Special general
meeting call to order
Previous minutes:
-3/07 read
and approved
Treasurers report
Motions to limit debate to set time
Motions on Wal-mart boycott

Allan McMurtry motioned to
approve agenda. Katie
Hansen seconded. Passes.

Allan McMurtry motioned to
suspend reading of the September and January minutes until next meeting. Joe Reynolds seconds. Passes.

Minutes from March 7 were approved.

Treasure’s report delayed until next meeting in the interest
of time. Approximate values of banks
accounts are as follows:

Savings = $9,000
in fundraiser account
$25,000 in checking account

Allan McMurtry makes a
motion to limit discussion time to 2 minutes. Motion seconded.

Linda Huff makes a friendly
amendment to increase time to 3 minutes. Allan McMurtry accepts friendly amendment. Approved.

Tom Linehan hands the chair to Joe Reynolds so that he can
express an opinion on Jan Triplett’s Wal-Mart

Michael Bomba makes a
substitute motion: Resolved that the Allandale
Neighborhood Association encourages its interested members to
personally and publicly support the existing citywide boycott of all Wal-Mart
stores, including Sam’s Warehouses sponsored by Responsible Growth for
Northcross until the proposed super-center is removed from the redevelopment
plan for Northcross Mall.

Motion is seconded.

Member calls for stopping debate. Seconded. Substitute motion does not pass.

Vote on the original motion by Jan Triplett. Motion fails (17 for boycott, 22 against)

Meeting adjourned.