We are working on your behalf and need your help. As you
know Wal-Mart and Lincoln Property are planning to build one of the largest Supercenters in Central Texas in our neighborhood – a monster
convenience store drawing traffic from all around central Austin.
It’s a pretty building but a Supercenter nonetheless that will create traffic problems, negatively impact surrounding businesses, and ultimately change the character of Allandale.

No matter the design, this type of development belongs along a highway with easy in and out access. Wal-Mart is experimenting with their new urban design concept but we don’t want to be their guinea pig. Help us in our efforts to keep this Supercenter out or have it significantly downsized by contributing to the Allandale Legal Fund. Monies raised will be devoted exclusively to preventing a 219,000 plus sq ft supercenter from being constructed in our neighborhood.

Click here to make your donation online or mail it to:

Allandale Fundraiser Legal Fund,
P.O. Box 10886
Austin, Texas 78766-1886

Allandale Fundraising Committee