The March edition of the Allandale Neighborhood Association
newsletter included an article on Vertical Mixed Use that stated “The 18-acre
Burnet Rd. Storage facility at 6400 Burnet Rd. is zoned commercial and will eventually be redeveloped.” The Burnet Self-Storage business has NO plans
to redevelop the property in the foreseeable future.

The article also
stated that “The creek at the rear of 6400 Burnet is completely paved
over.” This is not correct. The creek itself is not paved over and is
covered in grass.

As the author of the article, I want to sincerely apologize
for any alarm that may have come to neighbors because of this article, or any
ill-will that may have been generated towards the management and owners of
Burnet Self-Storage. These are friendly folks who have worked in our
neighborhood for decades. The quiet,
low-intensity nature of the business is a huge benefit for the

As a volunteer on the ANA VMU team, my purpose in writing
the VMU article was to educate people about the pros and cons of the Vertical
Mixed Use overlay now in effect along Burnet Rd. I selected the property at 6400 Burnet
because it is so big, and a future development there could have big
consequences for the neighborhood. Our VMU team has been wrestling with issues
that will affect Allandale for decades, which is why I felt comfortable saying
that the property will eventually be redeveloped. When I heard about the reaction that the
article caused, I knew at once that I had made a huge mistake in my wording.
I’m grateful that the Burnet Self-Storage management has handled this matter in
a friendly manner given the potential harm such a statement could have on their


Steven Zettner
ANA VMU Team Member”