The Allandale newsgroup was set up in 2001 and now has close to 700 members. It’s the best way to learn about
neighborhood happenings and follow discussions on matters of interest
to Allandale residents. What follows are the posting guidelines recently established for the newsgroup. These guidelines are in line with what you would expect for most neighborhood newsgroups. In fact, we started with Brentwood’s guidelines in putting them together. If you’re  member of Allandale’s newsgroup, please read on. If you’re not, go here to learn more about the newsgroup and to sign up.

The Guidelines

The Allandale Newsgroup is a service of the Allandale
Neighborhood Association. Please abide by these guidelines established by the
Allandale Neighborhood Association.

The Allandale Newsgroup is for messages of a general
interest to Allandale which can include discussion and opinions of issues
affecting the neighborhood.

The following types of messages are also
1) Announcements of neighborhood events

2) Requests for information
3) Requests for advice on services, either commercial or volunteer

4) Request for volunteers for activity within the
5) Positive suggestions for improving the neighborhood
6) Service and trade recommendations, restaurant
recommendations, items wanted, garage sale notices, etc.

Please do not post the following types of messages:
1) Insulting or inflammatory messages
2) One-on-one messages, messages to a specific individual,
or "chat" between individuals
3) Messages which are intended to promote a business, unless
the message is in response to a specific request for a service or product
4) A discussion of issues not related to our neighborhood

In general, follow these netiquette guidelines:
o Think before you
o Answer critics with
o Postings should
deal with issues not individuals
o Probing to find out
more about an individual who is posting to the newsgroup or remarks about an
individual is not acceptable.

Users who violate these guidelines are subject to a warning
from the moderator and possible removal from the group.


ANA Newsgroup Administrators