submitted by Katie Hansen

Executive Committee members in attendance: Brent Sjolseth,
Paulette Kern, Cathy Yang, Michael Bomba, Tom Linehan, Katie Hansen, Joe
Reynolds, Dan Jones.

Meeting minutes were approved for February 28th, 2007.

Meeting minutes were approved for March 8, 2007.

Report on Fundraiser and Treasurer’s report by Joe Reynolds:
Current treasurer has still not received records from previous treasurer.

Regular ANA – $20,888.52

Legal Fund – $14,861.58

Total – $35,750.

Northcross Committee (NC): by Allan McMurtry:
Renovation of
the east side of Northcross is progressing, but no new construction at the
location for the proposed Wal-Mart.

NC committee sent requests to all of the City Council
members requesting a meeting. Only Betty
Dunkerly and Brewster McCracken responded. Members of the NC committee have met with these two council members in
recent weeks. These council members made
it clear that they could not support pulling of the current site plan. These council members believe, based on
advice from the COA attorney, that they will be personally liable for pulling
the site plan and possibly subject to being sued by either Lincoln Properties
or Wal-Mart. They were informed that if
they vote to pull the site plan, the COA would not contribute to the legal
defense of council members.

The ‘concessions’ in the term sheet did not address our
concerns in any meaningful way. The city
promised to give the ANA the traffic data nearly 1.5 month ago. We have not received that data. The city asked for a response to the term
sheet by March 26. Our response was that
we will respond to the term-sheet when we receive the promised data. The city is now treating our request as an
open records request. Interestingly,
they may be in violation of Texas law with regard to the delay in responding to this request.

Neighborhood Planning Committee (NP) by Kerry Kimbrough,
Steve Zettner: gave a presentation on Vertical Mixed Use. Neighborhood Planning could use some
volunteers to help with this initiative.

Other Committee Reports:
Bylaws Committee by Allan McMurtry: If anyone is interested in being on Bylaws
Committee, let him know. Allan has submitted our current bylaws to a
parliamentarian to review. She replied
that the structure is fine, but might want to review a few minor issues.

Nominations Committee by Katie Hansen: The Nominations
Committee recommends Laura Slaughter for one of the two remaining slots on the
Executive Committee. The Nominations
committee has posted a request for interested neighbors to forward their names
to our committee. We want to keep this
process open, so will wait to give neighbors ample time to respond.

Volunteer opportunities are available on the Executive
Committee, the Zoning Committee, the Bylaws Committee and the Neighborhood
Planning Committee and for a Fourth of July Committee.

Zoning Committee report by Katie Hansen: The Zoning
Committee (ZC) desires to be proactive. Goal is to prevent another Northcross from sneaking into our
neighborhood. Want to try to determine
which properties in our neighborhood might be at risk for future developments
of this sort if the current owners sell. Our goal is to determine what the current zoning is for these areas so
that we can be more proactive about preventing another Northcross in our
neighborhood. Other issues: Miguel’s
Imports has dropped their zoning change request. The owners of a daycare on
Nasco have reached an agreement with their neighbors. The daycare owners have agreed to cease
operation. (Editor’s note: this has since changed.)

Communications Committee by Cathy Yang: The Communications
Committee (CC) is using a 3 prong approach to increase communication with our

1) Newsletter has
gone to bi-monthly format (next issue in mid April). They have worked a miracle to keep the
production in-house and as a revenue generator for the ANA.
2) Netiquette on
the Newsgroup will be addressed.
3) The CC is
going to come up with a communications plan for the NA. They are going to look for ways to be
proactive, reach out to press, promote the ANA, and communicate with all of our

Beautification Committee is having ‘Its My Park Day’ on

We need a 4th of July Committee.

Jan Triplett made a motion: for ANA to join with RG4N in a
city-wide boycott of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club until the supercenter is removed
from the Northcross site plan.

John Keohane makes a motion to table Jan’s motion. Jan’s motion is tabled.

Michael Bomba makes a motion to call a special general
meeting within 3 weeks to address the boycott. Seconded by Duncan Fox. Passes.

Adjourned at 8:30