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Meeting Minutes 4/25/07 Special General Meeting

submitted by Katie Hansen

Board members in attendance:

Michael Bomba,
Joe Reynolds, Allan McMurtry, Cathy Yang, Tom
Linehan, Paulette Kern, Dan Jones, Katie Hansen.

Prior to the meeting call to order, Steve Zettner reiterated
that there is no currently proposed VMU development occurring on Burnet
  Road. The
storage center was used as a hypothetical case study for the planning
team. There are no current plans to
re-develop this site.

ANA Executive Committee Meeting 4/25/07

Executive Committee was convened following the Allandale Special General meeting. ANA Executive Committee meeting called to order. Allan McMurtry made a motion to approve the recommendation of Laura Slaughter to fill a vacancy on the Executive Committee. Seconded by...

Contribute to the Allandale Legal Fund

We are working on your behalf and need your help. As you know Wal-Mart and Lincoln Property are planning to build one of the largest Supercenters in Central Texas in our neighborhood – a monster convenience store drawing traffic from all around central Austin....

Neighbors of Allandale and especially John Keohane

Here’s a note from Anne Jarriel, Gullett PTA President, posted to the ANA Yahoo group today. Thought I would pass it along:

Thank you – Gullett is a fabulous school – probably the best
kept secret in Austin. Things that
make us unique are beautiful grounds including a Native Texas Outdoor
Classroom, Spanish for all 6 grades (not an afterschool program), animals in
the hallways and classrooms that the children help care for, only 4 classes per
grade (making it small and we are at our capacity), a terrific staff and
hardworking parents!

It’s Time for a New Traffic Impact Analysis

submitted by Tom Linehan

It’s a fact. Wal-Mart significantly undercounted the traffic impact of the Supercenter at Ben White. The City also acknowledges the formula used to estimate traffic counts for the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for the Northcross redevelopment do not apply to Supercenters. 

In response to Brewster McCracken’s request for traffic data from City staff, the numbers provided in the initial TIA Lincoln Properties provided with the site plan at the Ben White store undercounted actual traffic by over 6,500 vehicle trips per day on a Tuesday in January and by 9,766 on a Saturday. In an email to Wells Dunbar, an Austin Chronicle reporter, dated April 10th, Brewster McCracken wrote the following: