Apartments, condos and offices can get built on top of
ground-floor commercial.

Do we have a say in what happens? How high can they
build? Will there be more or less noise,
traffic, and crime? How about parking? Property taxes? What will it look
like? Will they build sidewalks and
plant trees? Is it pedestrian and bicycle friendly? Will it encourage developer
incursions into the surrounding residential neighborhood? What kinds of businesses will this attract?
Will existing businesses be helped or hurt? Will this make the used car lots go away? Will it be more apartments or condos? Can we make this better?

Allandale Neighborhood Association is organizing coffee
parties throughout the neighborhood from 3/17 to 4/10 to gather feedback for
recommendations to the city.

If you would be willing to host a coffee for your neighbors
where ANA volunteers can speak, please contact Kerry Kimbrough by Sunday, March
18: kkimbrough [Email address: kkimbrough #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] or 565-8495