6a00d8341c574253ef00e54f08f7298833-800wiWith all the discussion and interest this development has generated, it’s no surprise yesterday’s open house at the Norris Conference Center drew a crowd. When I arrived at 7:15 there were people circulating around the tables Lincoln and Wal-Mart set up by topic: operations, community, design, traffic, Lincoln, etc. At the Traffic table, they had a screen simulating traffic flow around Northcross presumably showing what’s anticipated once the project is completed. It reminded me of an ant farm. See for yourself. (click on link to download video file. ).
Here’s a link to the Statesman’s coverage of the event: “Wal-mart holds open house to talk about Northcross supercenter,” by Sarah Coppola. I also uploaded some pictures of the development they had on display in the Snapshot gallery to the right.