228_meeting Meeting was called to order by Tom Linehan. Other EC members in attendance were Katie Hansen, Joe Reynolds, Allan Murtry, Michael Bomba, and Cathy Yang.

Allan made a motion to approve minutes from January 24th. Passed

Tom gives current financial report:
  – Bank Balance $24,188.07

Outstanding payables:
  – newsletter production (about $1300)
  – estimated that we will spend $2400 to Blazier law firm for February
  – $2093.16 for traffic engineer
  – $3000 to RG4N
estimated that current balance is around $17,000

Allan makes a motion to elect Joe as treasurer. Passes

Report from the nominations committee consisting of Allan McMurtry, Katie Hansen, Joe Reynolds, Linda Huff and Cheryl Silver. The nominations committee has considered and called between 30 and 60 neighbors to find people to fill EC vacancies. The search is to find people committed to ANA with qualifications to serve. An attempt has been made to choose members representative of the neighborhood, in geography, in gender, etc. Since ANA is a Texas Non-Profit Corporation, the candidates are being asked to serve on a corporate board, and the standard for qualification is at that level.

The recommendations are:
1] Joe Reynolds should assume the Treasurer’s position effective tonight.
2] Brent Sjolseth, Dan Jones, and Paulette Kern should be appointed to fill three of the vacant board positions, effective tonight.
3] The remaining two vacant EC positions should be filled after the March General Meeting. The nominations committee will submit two further names and public nominations will be entertained for the board’s consideration. The nominations committee will recommend a candidate from the serving board to assume the Vice-Presidency at a later time. One of the appointees will assume duties following the General Meeting, and the other will assume duties when the vice-presidency to presidency transition occurs in the June time frame.

Allan maked a motion that the recommendations of the nominating committee are accepted and that Tom serves as head until June. Passed.

Status on traffic by Allan. The ANA has hired a traffic consultant who did a peer review of the TIA and overview of the Northcross re-development. The consultant found several problems with the TIA. The ANA is also going to ask the consultant to review the modeling of the Wal-mart project at Northcross. They will need Synchro data and traffic capacity manuals in order to do this. The Northcross committee has requested this information from George Zapolac, WHM engineering, Laura Huffman and Betty Dunkerly.

Anderson and Burnet are almost at capacity now. (Level D by a matter of a few seconds). It is suspected that very little additional traffic will cause this intersection to fail.

Tom reported that RG4N invited ANA to participate in a press conference on Monday afternoon at 4:00pm to show solidarity of neighborhoods.

Joe made a motion that the ANA join the March 5 press conference planned by Jason Meeker of RG4N. Joining the press event demonstrates solidarity with other groups resisting the Wal-mart Super discount center as currently planned at the Northcross mall site. Passes.

The ANA is clear that it has never taken a ‘no Wal-mart’ stance and this has not changed.

Joe makes a motion that Katie be acting zoning chair until we find someone else. Passes.Update on Northcross redevelopment.

– the ANA has been working with our attorney, Bruce Bigelow. The City of


has said that the TIA that was provided was adequate. Last Wednesday a meeting was held at Armbrust and Brown with Wal-mart and Lincoln, the City of


and the neighborhood groups. Notes from this meeting are on the website. The most important issues in our priority list have not been addressed.

– Next steps : The Northcross committee is setting up meetings with City council members, following up with peer review of TIA.

Fundraising. Joe reported on ANA’s legal fundraising efforts. Distributed about 3000 fliers to neighborhood. Have raised 7,965 for legal fees.

Upcoming fundraising efforts: planning a neighborhood picnic to build sense of community and, hopefully raise funds. The fundraising committee is going to be looking for matching grants as well. Operating date is March 25th in Northwest Park. There will be bands and barbecue

Dora had a request. Lets get the word out on the March meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30.