By all accounts, yesterday’s Celebrate Allandale picnic was a success! The rain held off until it was over making for a very comfortable day in the park. It was just a relaxing afternoon spent with neighbors.

People enjoyed a nice selection of food from Blue Star Cafeteria,  Dog Almighty, Phoenecia Bakery and Sarah’s Mediteranean Grill.  We appreciate their contributions. Also, thanks to Amy’s Ice Cream who was scooping out the ice cream. Cold water was supplied by Johnson Properties.

The music lineup was excellent! Many thanks to the Mockingbirds, Dale
Watson, Leann Atherton, and the Weary Boys. They made it truly special.
I don’t think you will find another neighborhood in the City that can
brag about bringing together such talent.

In between bands we heard from Allandale Neighborhood EC members Tom Linehan and Allan McMurtry, and from Laura
Morrison, President of the Austin Neigbhorhood Council and
Representative Elliot Naishtat. The event was emcee’d by Ken McKenzie,
a local KOOP radio producer and radio announcer. This was a fundraiser
for the Allandale Legal Fund. Between the speakers and the information
booths, the message was reenforced – Allandale is no place for a
219,000 sq ft supercenter. The harm it will bring to the neighborhood
far outweighs the conveniences and low prices.

At the end of the picnic, the winners of the raffle prizes were announced. They are:
– Jane Rundquist of Silverway – Hot Air Balloon ride
– Norm Kenney of Pegram – Fly Fishing Lessons
– Peyton Middleton of Whiterock – Plasma scooter & Curious George
Thanks so much to our donors: Joe Reynolds, Kevin Hutchinson and Terra

See our photo gallery of the picnic here.
And then go here to see even more pictures taken by Eric Glover.

The fundraising continues however. If you weren’t able to make the
picnic but want to contribute to the Allandale Legal Fund, you can do so here.

Although it may have seemed like Celebrate Allandale was
organized by a professional event planner it was put together by the
Allandale Legal Fundraising Committee. This a group of about a eight or nine
folks who are not only concerned about the impact a Supercenter will
have on the Allandale but are willing to devote a large number of
volunteer hours and hard work to keep it from happening. This event was
put together in less than 4 weeks time. A big thank you to the
Committee and to the volunteers who came out yesterday to help out.

Feel free to leave us your comments about the event. There’s discussion about making Celebrate Allandale an annual neighborhood party.