Draft Minutes to be considered for approval at the regular March General Meeting.

Allandale Neighorhood Association Special Meeting of the
Executive Committee 3/8/07 at St. John’s Methodist Church.

Attending: Allan McMurtry,
Joe Reynolds, Tom Linehan, Michael Bomba, Cathy Yang, Katie Hansen, Paulette
Kern, Dan Jones.

As this is a special meeting, the minutes of the February
executive committee meeting were not submitted for approval. These minutes will be considered at the
regularly scheduled March General  meeting.

Report from Newsletter Committee: Proposal to increase advertising rates
25%. There has not been an advertising
rate increase in over 7 years. This rate
will put the ANA newsletter competitive with other neighborhood associations in
our area.

Allan makes a motion to increase the advertising rates
25%. Passes.

Allan makes a motion for approval of up to $10,000 on legal
fees related to the Northcross redevelopment. This includes and outstanding balance of $4,900. Katie seconds. Passes.

Fundraising Committee report: Will have a fundraising event
called ‘Celebrate Allandale’ at Northwest park on the 25th of March. The fundraising committee needs $3,168 for
permits etc. to get the fundraiser going.

Michael motions for approval of $3,168 for fundraiser. Passes.

Dan makes a motion: Be it resolved that the ANA Executive
Committee believes that the primary purpose of every major event that the ANA
legal fundraising committee undertakes should be to raise money for legal and
related expenses. Allan seconds. Passes.

Neighborhood Planning Committee: the NPC needs a budget not to exceed $500 to
purchase fliers and signs for the upcoming VMU education endeavor.

Joe moves that up to $500 be allocated to the NPC for
expenditures related to VMU initiatives. Michael seconds. Passes.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.