Texas Wildlife Services has investigated reports of coyotes
attacking dogs in the Shoal Creek area between Northland
  Dr. on the north, and 35th
  Street on the south. It has become apparent that
the coyotes are subsisting primarily on pet food, in addition to small wildlife
and housecats. Please do not intentionally or unintentionally feed coyotes by
placing pet food outdoors.

Coyotes that have access to such food resources in
residential areas will generally become more bold around people, enter yards to
kill small pets or attack dogs, and may ultimately exhibit aggressive behaviors
that threaten human health and safety. The addition of pet food in the coyotes
diet may allow a family group to reside and successfully reproduce in an area
that would not naturally afford sufficient food resources for their survival.
Please help us to eliminate any risk to pet and human safety in your neighborhood
by denying coyote access to unlimited, unnatural food


Thank you.

Randy O. Farrar
Wildlife Damage Management Biologist
Texas Cooperative Extension – Wildlife Services
1600-B Smith
Austin, TX

512-854-9613 (o)

512-854-9611 (fax)