Please join us for our Allandale Neighborhood Association
March General Meeting on Wednesday, 3/28, at the Ralph Yarborough Library on Hancock Drive beginning at 6

1. Reading and
approval of minutes

2. Treasurer’s report

3. Update on Northcross redevelopment project

6:30 – Vertical
Mixed Use (VMU) on Burnet and Anderson, a presentation by the co-chairs of the
ANA Planning Committee, Kerry Kimbrough and Steven Zettner.

Reports from:

 By-laws committee

 Nominations committee

 Zoning committee

 Communications committee

 Beautification committee

Finally, we have volunteer opportunities for anyone looking
to get involved. Some of those include
serving on the ANA Executive Committee. The nominations committee is seeking candidates for two openings on the
ANA Executive Committee. Below are some of the other slots:

1. Planning Committee
(active but open to new members)

2. July 4th Parade (volunteers

3. Zoning Chair and
Committee (Katie Hansen is serving as interim Chair)

4. Membership
Committee (Joe Reynolds is chair of this committee, help is needed)

Please email if you’re interested in any of these opportunities: tlinehan [Email address: tlinehan #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ].

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.