Here is an update to the survey results reported earlier. I just received another 95 surveys which makes for a total of 289 responses.

The results from January survey on the Northcross redevelopment are consistent with the results from our earlier online survey
conducted back in November. The survey was included in the January Special Issue Newsletter that was delivered to Allandale households. Residents were asked to complete the short survey and mail it back by January 16th.

Out of the 289 responses we received, the majority are
against the Northcross redevelopment that includes a Wal-Mart. Specifically, 72%  of the respondents are opposed, 26% are for,
and 1% have no opinion.  Click here to see the results. What follows are the additional comments people submitted with the survey.

  • a redevelopment plan that enhances our neighborhood would be great but
    that’s not wal-mart.
  • against no pedestrian access or green space. I am for a dvelopment, against over
    150 sq ft. I’m not hot on WalMart.
  • Am
    concerned about high traffic volume and size of proposed store being open
    24/7. Don’t approve of the secrecy in approving the contract just like the
    large pay increase the city council rammed through without citizen input.
  • As it
    is presently designed.
  • change
    is good. Whart are we afraid off? Our world is changing – why can’t
    Allandale grow from such a project. Sure would be convenient and less
    travel. Business is business/everyone isn’t rich. Oler – on fixed incomes.
  • Do not
    give money to political committees!
  • Do not
    spend any hard-earned ANA funds on a legal battle on this issue. Let those
    who want to pursue a lawsuit, including RG4N, raise and fund their own
  • Don’t shop Walmart but we will if it’s only 3 minutes aways.
  • Especially an xtra large 24-hour Walmart. I am especially concerned about traffic.
  • Iprefer smaller, locally owned businesses rather than cookie-cutter – cold be anywhere USA
  • I
    support development at Northcross. Just not with Walmart.
  • I
    support redevelopment without a super walmart.
  • I will
    not pay dues to this organization if they will be used to legally
    challenge this.
  • if it
    was closert ot eh size of Lowes, not open 24 hours and stays the same Texas
    rock architectural design.
  • I’m
    all for developing Northcross, but without a Big Box store.
  • I’mnot so much pro Wal-Mart but we definitely need a super store of same sort
    in this area. So I support it.
  • It’s progress! It’s my opinion that members of Allandale Neighborhood
    Association and others living in
    the Allandale area will be among the first to shop at Wal-Mart when the
    doors open for business.
  • keep
    up the good work
  • Let’s
    vote out the City Council.
  • My
    non-support is directly related to the 24-7 hours of operation and traffic
  • Need
    thorough enviro and traffic study, concerned workers will have to rely on
    public assistance.
  • Never shop there now. Too far, will if close.
  • Nor
    will I ever when I can walk there!
  • Northcross
    needs development help but not Wal-Mart.
  • Please
    give support to RG4N.
  • Remember
    Allandale is full of many original homeowners who have helped make
    Allandale what it is. Please don’t leave us out of the plan. No it’s not
    like the Arbor, etc. but who can shop there anyway – It has nothing to
  • Taxes
    on property here is too high and may go higher to fix the roads when
    WalMart brings in more traffic.
  • Thanks
    for fighting this superstore.
  • Too
    large! Will create traffic headaches! Would love to see a smaller scale version.
  • Wal-Mart will drive out smaller businesses.
  • Walmart, superstores, urban stores, etc. do not belong in the middle of neighborhoods
  • We
    don’t need a Walgreens either.
  • We
    need Wal-Mart. Northcross has been redone with new tenants but none stay.
    Not any of the mom and pop stores have been very stable either. I’m tired
    of driving miles for shopping. No more condos wanted in our neighborhood.
  • We
    support a mix-use development including a grocery store.
  • We
    support RG4N.
  • Why
    not multi-use: lofts, stores, etc.
  • Will
    save gasoline, easy access, cheap medication and groceries.
  • Would
    if it were closer.
  • Would
    love to get a No Walmart sign.
  • would
    shop more often if a store was closer.
  • Your
    online survey which does not support Walmart leaves out some seniors who
    don’t have computer.