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Here are my notes from yesterday’s meeting. It was held at the
offices of Armbrust & Brown from 11:00 to 1:30. Representatives
from Allandale, North Shoal Creek, Crestview and Brentwood
neighborhood associations and RG4N were in attendance as well as Laura
Morrison with the Austin Neighborhood Council, Laura Huffman, Assistant City
Manager, other City staff, a number of lawyers and Wal-Mart and Lincoln
Property experts. The room was crowded.

The purpose of the meeting
was to provide the neighborhoods with their response to the issues the
neighborhoods submitted to the City regarding 

the project and to get
feedback. There will be an open house on March
5th, (location yet to be
determined), where people can come by, see the
elevations and plans, and ask
questions. A number of questions were
asked and more information was
promised. Here are some of the main

  • Lincoln increased the
    traffic counts closer to what they found at the WalMart on Ben White and I-35
    and found them to come out at an acceptable level with the execption of the
    Burnet Rd and Anderson Ln intersection. As a result, they have agreed to add
    more turning capacity at that intersection.
  • Lincoln will explore
    modifying Foster from Shoal Creek so that it’s not a straight shot into the
  • Add a turn lane into the development from Northcross
  • Wal-Mart would route Wal-mart truck traffic up 183 to Burnet and
    down Burnet to enter at Northcross Drive. Anticipate 89 deliveries a
    week, 1/2 of which would be Wal-Mart 18 wheelers.
  • They will reduce the
    square footage of the Wal-Mart form 224,000 to 219,000 sq feet.
  • Wal-Mart
    is willing to consider closing from 1:00 to 5:00 a.m.
  • The new elevations
    showed sidewalks and greenspace along the eastern side of the Wal-Mart
  • They said revised site design comes closer to complying with
    the City’s recent design standards,
  • Willing to modify the design to
    allow for small stores at the ground floor of the WalMart parking
  • have a rainwater capture and water quality system for runoff
  • will not have gas or tire & lube operations as part of the development
  • no RV parking
  • 24-hour security camera
  • Lincoln and Wal-Mart showed the
    revised elevations – it did not look like a typical WalMart

has already begun work on the inside of the eastern half of the mall. They
would like to move forward on the project as soon as April. Work on the
Wal-Mart would not start until late summer.

Read today’s writeup in on the meeting which includes photos and comments from neighborhood residents: "Wal-Mart agrees to alter Northcross supercenter" by Sarah Coppola.

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