Seems like it has been a long time  since ANA held its special
meeting at Covenant Presbyterian Church and approved the following motion:
"ANA has the intent to file a lawsuit against the City based on advice of
legal counsel. ANA will begin immediately to raise money for a lawsuit. ANA
will actively pursue meeting with and if necessary, monetarily supporting like
organizations whether or not we pursue a lawsuit."

Since that time, we’ve been very busy on the Northcross
redevelopment project and our collective efforts are making a difference.
Thanks to all of the residents who have volunteered their time and expertise on
this project and to both the current and past ANA Executive Committee members for their work and support.

Based on Wednesday’s meeting with the City,
Lincoln Property and Wal-Mart’s representatives, technical staff, and consultants, they have addressed a number of
the concerns we submitted in writing back in January. These include truck
routes, acces to the development via Foster Lane,
hours of operation, design, truck idling, traffic at the intersection of Burnet
and Anderson, sidwalks, greenspace,
and others.

Unfortunately, these really are our secondary concerns. The issue that matters most to us is the size
of the Supercenter. They reduced it by 5,000 sq feet, from 224,000 to 219,000 sq ft. That’s going
from very big to well, very big. One of the Wal-Mart representatives at
Wednesday’s meeting said that based on the marketshare they see for this location, the
planned Supercenter will contain 80,000 to 100,000 SKUs (items). He commented
that a smaller store wouldn’t satisfy the demand.

Seeing all of the red signs around Allandale makes
wonder where the demand is. In the four surveys that
have been conducted, 70 plus percent of the respondents oppose the supercenter. The message seems clear, we don’t want a supercenter. But
there were a lot of smart
people at Wednesday’s meeting and I’m sure their models are telling
them build it and the shoppers will come. The bulk of them may not be
coming  from our
neighborhood but a whole lot of them will be coming through and around
our neighborhood to get to it.

As was pointed out by Robert Dozier with Lincoln Property, it’s also important to note the expanded left turn capacity and
modifications to Foster Ln mentioned in the meeting to mitigate some of our traffic concerns is dependent on
surrounding property owners giving up ROW or other legal rights to
their property to benefit Lincoln Property Company. There is no
assurance that these improvements will be made.

What we want is an independent Traffic Impact Analysis to
verify that the one provided to the City by Lincoln and
Wal-Mart is realistic and one that’s expanded to include the impact on
neighborhood streets. Our concern is that traffic along Burnet and
Anderson roads once the Wal-Mart is in place is going to bring the
infrastructure to failure. The TIA submitted to and accepted by the
City doesn’t even take into consideration what impact the development
is going to have our neighborhood streets.

We are going to continue to seek a realisitic
traffic projection by having the current TIA reviewed by an outside traffic
consultant and pressing the City for an independent TIA. Our next
steps are to meet with the area neighborhood associations and RG4N and determine
how best to leverage our combined resources to get our concerns addressed.

We need your help to continue. All of
this is costing money. We have
spent about $10,000 on legal and traffic consultant fees. Thanks to the
efforts of the Allandale Fundraising Committee headed up by Joe
Reynolds, we’ve
raised close to $3,000. More is needed. Fortunately, we have not had to
call on your financial support for a cause of this magnituted for some
time. However, this is one those character defining, quality of life
projects. Going east and west on Anderson is going to get extremely
challenging when this Supercenter gets built as will going north/south
on Burnet Rd and likely on Shoal Creek.

SEND MONEY. Please complete the donation form that
was included in the newsletter you just received and send it in along
with a check, or donate online
at  Your neighborhood is worth the investment.

We have always had one of the strongest neighborhood
associations in Austin. Our efforts
to date demonstrate as always that we can mobilize and bring the talent, skills
and committment it takes to get results. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Thank you,

Allandale Neighborhood Executive Committee:
Tom Linehan 
Katie Hansen 
Allan McMurtry 
Cathy Yang 
Michael Bomba 
Joe Reynolds