The current members of the ANA Board would like to apologize to the
former Board members regarding the statement in the Allandale Fundraiser
flyer that was recently distributed which makes reference  to "a newly
invigorated Executive Committee." The implication of that
regarding the involvement of the former board members is misleading and
inaccurate. The intent was to indicate our stepped up efforts to address the neighborhood’s concerns regarding the Northcross redevelopment that includes a 226,000 sq ft Wal-Mart. We understand how it could have been interpreted otherwise. We
strongly appreciate the time, effort and interest each of those individuals
put into the neighborhood association as volunteers.

In addition, I
personally would like to apologize to Gretchen and Paul for this remark. As
with us all, they have full time jobs and family to tend to but have
continued to work with us closely to make sure the transition to a new Board
is a smooth one. I can’t thank them enough.

Tom Linehan
VP, Allandale
Neighborhood Association