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First MoPac 1-to-ONE to be held March 7

From the desk of John P. Kelly, P.E., MoPac 1 Project
Manager, DMJM Harris

TxDOT and the MoPac 1 project team have been committed to
making public involvement and participation a very high priority. That’s why, in addition to the two open
houses we held last September, we have met with numerous individuals from all
backgrounds and perspectives, as well as many neighborhood groups, community
organizations, and business organizations with various interests in Loop 1

Note from Lamar Middle School

On behalf of the Lamar PTA and the parents, students and staff of Lamar Middle School we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Allandale Neighborhood Associations for its generous contribution of $500.00 to the PTA.  We’re proud to be associated...

Northcross Redevelopment – Next Steps

Seems like it has been a long time  since ANA held its special
meeting at Covenant Presbyterian Church and approved the following motion:
"ANA has the intent to file a lawsuit against the City based on advice of
legal counsel. ANA will begin immediately to raise money for a lawsuit. ANA
will actively pursue meeting with and if necessary, monetarily supporting like
organizations whether or not we pursue a lawsuit."

Since that time, we’ve been very busy on the Northcross
redevelopment project and our collective efforts are making a difference.
Thanks to all of the residents who have volunteered their time and expertise on
this project and to both the current and past ANA Executive Committee members for their work and support.

Based on Wednesday’s meeting with the City,
Lincoln Property and Wal-Mart’s representatives, technical staff, and consultants, they have addressed a number of
the concerns we submitted in writing back in January. These include truck
routes, acces to the development via Foster Lane,
hours of operation, design, truck idling, traffic at the intersection of Burnet
and Anderson, sidwalks, greenspace,
and others.

Used Lacrosse Equipment Needed

Dear Neighbors,The McCallum Lacrosse team is in need of used Lacrosse equipment for some of their new players. Please check your closets and consider donating some of your used equipment. Playing lacrosse has provided a very positive experience to many of the youth in...

Notes from Yesterday’s Meeting on Northcross

submitted by Tom Linehan

Here are my notes from yesterday’s meeting. It was held at the
offices of Armbrust & Brown from 11:00 to 1:30. Representatives
from Allandale, North Shoal Creek, Crestview and Brentwood
neighborhood associations and RG4N were in attendance as well as Laura
Morrison with the Austin Neighborhood Council, Laura Huffman, Assistant City
Manager, other City staff, a number of lawyers and Wal-Mart and Lincoln
Property experts. The room was crowded.

The purpose of the meeting
was to provide the neighborhoods with their response to the issues the
neighborhoods submitted to the City regarding 

Farmer’s Market Developers to Present Plans March 21

The following are Steven Zettner’s  notes from a meeting held tonight with County Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt and area neighborhood representatives regarding the future of the Farmers market property along Burnet Rd.

Travis County Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt
has tentatively scheduled a public meeting on Wednesday, March 21 to present four
competing plans for redevelopment of the
Farmer’s Market property to area residents. Each
developer will have half an hour to present their plan. Confirmation of the date, time and place
will follow in the next few days.

Ice Rink at Risk

One of the features of Lincoln Property’s redevelopment of Northcross is an expanded ice rink,  however Thursday’s article in the Austin Business Journal says that’s at risk if there are further delays on the redevelopment. The owner of...

In the News

There is a very good article in Thursday’s Austin Chronicle on the Northcross redevelopment project: "Developing Stories: Bigger than WalMart" by Katherine Gregor. And in today’s Austin American-Statesman, there is an article about the City...