Date: Saturday, January 13th

Time: 3 p.m.

Place: Covenant Presbyterian Church, 3003 Northland, in Eaton Hall

A Special General Membership Meeting has been petitioned for by a group of residents as allowed in the bylaws. The petition reads as follows:

We, the undersigned members of Allandale Neighborhood Association, do hereby call for a special meeting of the General Membership, under the provisions of the ANA Bylaws Article VI, paragraph 5. Issues to be discussed relate to Northcross redevelopment and include but are not be limited to:

1. A period in which the membership is invited to ask questions and make comments.

2. Treasurer’s report stating all bank balances and money owed by ANA.

3. Discussion and action regarding a financial contribution from ANA to “Responsible Growth for Northcross”, an organization opposing the present redevelopment plan.

4.  An executive committee meeting to act on any expenditures approved by the membership.

5.  Appointment of a delegation of ANA members to meet with City Council to express ANA’s position on Lincoln’s current redevelopment plan.

We also request that this meeting be held in a venue which imposes no restriction on its length, and that it be scheduled as soon as possible, but no later than the 30 days required in the ANA Bylaws.

The meeting is open to all Allandale residents. Any voting that may occur, however, will be limited to residents who have paid dues on or after September 1, 2006. Any resident who submits a membership form and dues at the meeting will be eligible to participate.