submitted by Katie Hansen

Meeting Minutes of the January 24th, 2006 Executive Committee Meeting of the Allandale Neighborhood Association

Seven board members were present: Gretchen Vaden-Nagy, Paul Nagy, Tom Linehan, Linnea Anderson, Allan McMurtry, Katie Hansen and Joe Reynolds.

Linnea motioned for Tom Linehan and Katie Hansen to assume the duties of Vice President and secretary, respectively.  This motion was passed.

Paul Nagy presented the ANA Treasury Report.  The net available, minus the payables, was 24,706.23 at the beginning of the meeting. 

Allan made a motion to allow the treasurer to pay incidentals without prior board approval, not to exceed 250$ between now and the end of April. This motion was passed.

Tom Linehan presented a Newsletter Report.  Recommendations were to 1) keep the Newsletter in-house and publish bi-monthly and 2) Pay an advertising coordinator to solicit and handle advertisements for the newsletter, this would be a paying position of 5% of the add revenue per newsletter.

Tom made a motion to approve these two recommendations and to revisit these recommendations after two releases.  This motion was passed.

On Gretchen’s suggestion, Allan made a motion to form a nominations committee to identify candidates to fill seats on the board consisting of three members of the executive committee and two members of the general membership.  Allan, Katie and Joe will form the executive committee members.  This motion passed.

Allan made a motion to engage a registered parliamentarian to review the ANA bylaws and make recommendations for modification by February 28, 2006, with fee not to exceed 500$.  This motion passed.

Gretchen appointed a communications committee to help with the flow of information to the members of the neighborhood.  This committee will consist of the Webmaster (Tom Linehan), Newsgroup moderator and Newsletter organizer (Cathy Yang).

Gretchen appointed a Beautification Committee to be chaired by Linnea Anderson.

Gretchen appointed a fundraising committee to focus on raising money for legal fees that may be needed to resolve the Northcross re-development issue.  This committee is to be chaired by Joe Reynolds.

A motion was made in accordance with a vote at the January meeting, Joe Reynolds is chair of the fundraising committee.  Motion passed.

Paul made a motion that the ANA allocate 2500$ for payment of Bruce Bigelow’s (legal council to the ANA) services and up to $5000 for retaining a traffic engineer.  The traffic engineer must be approved by the Executive Committee before hired.  This motion passed.

Joe Reynolds made a motion that 3000$ be allocated to RG4N, as approved by the general membership in January.  This motion passed.

Linnea made a motion that Michael Bomba and Cathy Yang fill two of the vacancies on the Allandale Executive Committee.  This motion passed.

Statement by Gretchen Vaden Nagy and Paul Nagy:

We choose to give of ourselves to organizations and causes where there are civil and collegial approaches to serving. Unfortunately, we have not experienced this much in Allandale recently. Following the resignations of Kay Newell, Susan Frank, Jeff Frank and Patrick Manley, who we thank for their friendship and service to our neighborhood, we are also going to resign as officers of the Allandale Neighborhood Association due to the conduct of some our neighbors. We will assist in a smooth transition so that the work of the Association proceeds without interruption.

Meeting adjurned.