Announcement of the special meeting of the general membership of the Allandale Neighborhood Association is the focus of this issue of the newsletter. The meeting was the result of a petition submitted by members of the neighborhood association to the President. The petition starts out as follows:

We, the undersigned members of Allandale Neighborhood Association, do hereby call for a special meeting of the General Membership, under the provisions of the ANA Bylaws Article VI, paragraph 5. Issues to be discussed relate to Northcross redevelopment and include but are not be limited to:

In addition to the petition and meeting announcement the newsletter includes background information on the Northcross redevelopment including pictures, pro and con articles about the redevelopment, assessment of the traffic impact, and a chronology of ANA’s activities in response to the redevelopment. Here’s a link to the newsletter. Please read and join us at the meeting.   (requires Adobe Acrobat reader).