On January 13, 2007,
a cold, wet Saturday afternoon, approximately 200 Allandale residents came to a
meeting at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Neighbor after neighbor expressed just
how passionate they are against their beloved neighborhood being ruined by
Lincoln Property Company’s and Wal-Mart’s Northcross site plan. During the
discussion, Allandale resident Jim Bryce dramatically demonstrated
that it takes a show of power in the form of money to get corporations to sit
down and talk. He suggested we raise a
sizeable pot of money for a lawsuit to get their attention.

Well, Allandale Neighborhood Association is responding to
that suggestion. We have established a
legal fundraising committee, headed by longtime Allandale resident and ANA
board member Joe Reynolds.

Mr. Reynolds emphasizes just how important it is to the
committee that your hard-earned dollars are protected, and used for the purpose
you intended. Regular ANA monies from
membership dues won’t be used for the legal effort but for the usual
neighborhood tasks, like the parade and PTAs. He has established a new P.O. Box to be used solely for contributions, a
bank account separate from the main ANA account, and procedures to assure that
at least 2 committee members are tracking the funds at all times. Three signatures are required for disbursement,
and a CPA will audit the fund regularly. If the fund isn’t entirely used, contributors will be refunded the
portion of their money remaining, as they wish.

Watch this space for announcements of upcoming fun
activities. If you would like to
contribute now, write your check to ANA Legal Fund, and mail it to:  

  Box 10971
Austin, Texas

If you have questions, please email me
off-list at Dan-Jones [Email address: Dan-Jones #AT# mail.utexas.edu - replace #AT# with @ ].

Dan Jones,  ANA Legal Fundraising Committee member