submitted by Brent Sjolseth [Email address: brent #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

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to view crime incident report numbers requested from the Austin
Police Dept. These numbers are based on
the address of the retail establishment and not the shopping center

The addresses with an even 100
block number, i.e., 2300 W. Ben White and not 710 E Ben White, may have
increased numbers in these statistics. Many reports are reported by block number and not by specific
address. This may include the proper of
a highway, or the frontage road. Also,
if reported as a block number it does not distinguish between northbound,
southbound, eastbound, or westbound. I
hope that makes sense. Basically,
addresses with an even 100 block number may actually have lower incident
numbers than found in this data provided.

I tried to pair Targets and Walmarts as close in proximity
or in areas of town so that as accurate of a comparison could be made and have
included the distance in between. These
numbers represent all incidents in which a police report was filed. I have not compared size or hours of
operation to the comparables, but have indicated in the crime overview, which
is a SUPERCENTER (Target or Walmart). Click here for a more detailed version

of the report.