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Fundraising Preparations Underway

On January 13, 2007,
a cold, wet Saturday afternoon, approximately 200 Allandale residents came to a
meeting at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Neighbor after neighbor expressed just
how passionate they are against their beloved neighborhood being ruined by
Lincoln Property Company’s and Wal-Mart’s Northcross site plan. During the
discussion, Allandale resident Jim Bryce dramatically demonstrated
that it takes a show of power in the form of money to get corporations to sit
down and talk. He suggested we raise a
sizeable pot of money for a lawsuit to get their attention.

Gretchen and Paul Announce Their Resignations

submitted by Tom Linehan

At the January 24th Executive Committee meeting, Gretchen
and Paul Nagy announced they would be resigning as President and Treasurer of
the Allandale Neighborhood Association. Both have put in a number of years of
service to the neighborhood and are commended for their ongoing commitment to keeping the association running smoothly. It’s a bigger job than most people realize. Their
resignations will take effect following the next Executive Committee meeting in
February. Both are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will be
working closely with the other Executive Committee members on the knowledge

Allandale Resident in the News

Allandale resident, Sharon Radovich’s "cottage" is in today’s home tour in the Austin American-Statesman, "Home Tour: Love at first site, Austin designer keeps cottage for the love of the land. " Many of you go by her house daily and...

List of Issues Submitted to the City

On Thursday last week, the Allandale Neighborhood Association submitted this list of issues to the City regarding the planned Northcross redevelopment. The list, requested by the City from the neighborhoods affected by the Northcross redevelopment and Responsible...

RG4N Sends Press Release re: Polling Calls

What follows is a press release sent out today by Responsible Growt for Northcross:


A comparison of Responsible Growth for Northcross recent
survey with the push poll phone calls reveals intent to deceive by Wal-Mart Supercenter backers.

AUSTIN, Texas,
Jan. 20, 2007. A biased
survey is being conducted by proponents of the controversial Northcross Mall
redevelopment plan, according to many residents of neighborhoods surrounding
the mall.

Allandale is Emphatic – No Wal-Mart

submitted by Tom Linehan

Over 160 Allandale residents showed up on a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon and endured a 3 hour meeting to let it be known: WE DON’T WANT WAL-MART IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.

It was standing room only at Covenant Presbyterian Church. The meeting started out awkwardly as the Allandale Board worked through whether or not this was the appropriate meeting to approve minutes from the previous general meeting. ANA President, Gretchen Vaden decided it wasn’t and moved on to the meeting agenda starting with comments from members of the audience.