A public protest at City Hall and a well orchestrated series of testimony before the City Council by Responsible Growth for Northcross did not persuade the City Council to vote to stop Wal-Mart. Points brought up by the group regarding improper notification, an inaccurate Traffic Impact Analysis, and need for a conditional use permit for the proposed garden center were countered by City staff. Council members McCraken and Kim asked many questions and were clear about their concern with the development but when time was up no vote was taken. For more on last night’s hearing, read today’s Statesman, "Austin OKs new rules on big stores," or go to KVUE’s web site: "City Council hears Wal-Mart debate at meeting".

ANA’s Executive Committee is meeting to discuss the project on Saturday at 11:00 at Yarborough library. Please submit the issues you want addressed regarding this development in the comment section below.