Residents of Allandale are most concerned about
trees and greenspace, preserving the feel of the neighborhood, and
traffic according to the recently completed Allandale Neighborhood survey. Keeping
it affordable, quiet, and fortified with community spirit are some of
the characteristics residents said would make it better.

What follows is a summary of the results  prepared by
Kerry Kimbrough, Co-Chair, ANA Neighborhood Planning Committee. There
were a total of 539 completed surveys submitted by the deadline, 139 of
which arrived by mail or were dropped off, and the remaining completed

Many thanks to the core survey group who spent
quit a bit of time on this project: Kay Newell, Kerry Kimbrough,
Ranleigh Hirsh, Steven Zettner, and Tom Linehan. Thanks also go to the
ANA Executive Committee for their support and assistance with this

submitted by Kerry Kimbrough [Email address: kkimbrough #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Did you recently complete the Allandale Neighborhood Survey?
Are you curious to know how it turned out? Well, the time has come. The Austin
Neighborhood Survey is now complete.

The ANA Neighborhood Planning Committee plans a series of
reports to present the results of this survey. Here is the first of those

In this report, we show the overall response, across all
sections of Allandale, to the primary questions of the survey (click on image to left of question to see graph of responses):

  · What
concerns you?


· What do you
like about Allandale?

· What would
improve the future of our neighborhood?


· How are you
involved with Allandale?


· In which
section of Allandale do you live?

In the first three questions – (see survey)

, you entered a response to several options at one of four differnet levels (for example, ranging from “Not
Concerned” to “Very Concerned”, etc.) As the levels increase, so does the
“weight” of your choice — a “first place” vote carries more weight than a
“second place” vote, and so on. So, the results for these questions show the
distribution of the total weight of all choices selected by everyone. For
example, a value of 5% means 5% of the total weight of all first-, second-, third-,
and fourth-place votes that were cast. By definition, the percentages shown for
all options add up to 100%.

For the question of “How are you involved with Allandale”,
things are a bit different. Here, you could select multiple choices. For example,
you might both live and work in the neighborhood. That’s why the total of all
the percentages shown for this question exceeds 100%.

What’s next? Stay tuned for further reports that cover the
remaining parts of the survey and that show some more detailed analysis of the


Kerry Kimbrough
Co-Chair, ANA Neighborhood Planning Committee