Executive Committee (EC) present – Patrick Manley, Tom
Linehan, Linnea Anderson, Kay Newell, Paul Nagy, Gretchen Vaden, Allan
McMurtry, and Katie Hansen

Absent – Susan Frank, Jeff Frank, and Joe Reynolds

Neighborhood Planning Co-Chairs present – Ran Hirsh and
Kerry Kimbrough. Absent – Steven Zettner

Newsletter – Should we consider outsourcing the newsletter due to the
other issues the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA) is involved in? 

Peel Inc handles the newsletters of 25 Austin neighborhood associations (NA’s), Peel takes all the advertising revenue and in
exchange mails out a monthly newsletter for the neighborhood. Several years ago the newsletter brought in
$1,000 to $2,000 a year for ANA, but with rising printing and delivery costs it
is barely break even. Peel is interested
in keeping our local advertisers; ANA would provide the articles by the 10th
and would have layout approval. Peel’s
newsletters are the same articles to advertising ratio as the current ANA
newsletter – 50% articles and 50% advertising. Phyllis Brinkley was the heart and soul of the ANA newsletter, but since
she has had to give that up ANA has been struggling to try and fill her shoes. And with the added issues ANA is facing at
this time, we need to consider outsourcing. Tom Linehan and Allan McMurtry will form a sub-committee to review the
contract and see if we can sign a six-month trial run contract. They will also look into getting part of the
revenue returned to ANA. Paul Nagy would
like to see a Thank You Phyllis newsletter produced in January. We would also need to include a membership
form for annual dues and a flyer for the Gullett PTA. Tom would like to include the Northcross
redevelopment information and a survey for all the residents concerning the
redevelopment. We would need to keep the
newsletter short and ANA would absorb all the costs and not include any
advertising for this Thank You Phyllis issue. Have people that have known Phyllis for a long time write articles about
Phyllis’s years of service to ANA. Tom
and Allan will target having this resolved by January. See if the layout will be the minimum cost,
then printing and delivery fees – the newsletter should cost between $1,500 and
$2,000 to produce. Tom wants a
full-blown newsletter with advertising. That type newsletter requires a 5-week window from layout to
delivery. This newsletter needs to be a
Thank You to Phyllis. Our quarterly
newsletters do not provide current information, they are dated. Current information comes via the listserve
and website. The newsletter helps to
keep all residents informed of ANA activities. Allan and Tom will limit the newsletter to 8 pages and consider the Peel
Inc contract.

Annual $500 contributions to Lamar, Gullett, and Lucy Read Schools –We need to go forward with our annual contribution to these
schools. Allan is against making the
contributions, he feels the safety issues posed by potential future traffic
from the redevelopment of Northcross Mall will cause issues and would like to
see the money saved for that. Linnea is
for the contributions, it is important to maintain the contributions – the
schools use the money for books, music classes, etc – items the AISD School
Budget does not allow for and it is important to maintain that continuity for
the schools. Paul Nagy motioned to
contribute $500 each to Lamar Middle
  School, Gullett Elementary, and Lucy Read. Linnea Anderson and Patrick Manley seconded
the motion. Katie Hansen abstained,
Allan McMurtry against, and Patrick Manley – Tom Linehan – Linnea Anderson –
Kay Newell – Paul Nagy – Gretchen Vaden for the motion. The motion passes.

Allandale Neighborhood Improvement Challenge – Patrick

Patrick developed this award 1 1/2 years ago and has yet to
receive any applications. The award is
for Allandale school children K-12. This
is the criterion for the award – to improve the quality of life in Allandale,
protect and maintain the Allandale environment, showcase the history of the
Allandale neighborhood, enhance the quality of life of our elderly Allandale
residents, and celebrate the diversity of the Allandale neighborhood. The winner, which is to be selected every six
months, will receive a new HP consumer product (such as a digital camera, photo
printer, etc). Linnea suggested
contacting boy/girl scout troops and incorporate their activities with It’s My
Park Day and Patrick’s award. Since
promoting in the newsletter and at the Fourth of July parade, no one has
stepped forward. Patrick is considering
changing the award for targeting graduating 5th graders, and work with the PTA
and principal to find a deserving 5th grader. The award would still be open to all Allandale school children K-12.

TIA meeting – Allan McMurtry, Michael Bomba, Katie Hansen, and Linnea
Anderson are meeting with George Zapalac COA to discuss the TIA and related
Northcross redevelopment issues. If
anyone has any traffic questions, please send them to Allan for inclusion in
his list of questions being forwarded to George Zapalac prior to their meeting.

Health and Safety questions – Katie Hansen has left several messages with Deborah Thomas
COA to discuss the Health and Safety codes Brewster McCracken referenced the
Health and Safety code in Wednesday night’s City Council meeting concerning the
Northcross redevelopment, and it’s possible application to Northcross. Kay Newell will try to facilitate setting up
a meeting between Katie and Deborah.

Northcross legal issues presented by Liz Haltom, Responsible
Growth attorney and resident of North Shoal Creek – RG4N’s (Responsible Growth for Northcross) goal is to bring
all the parties to the table. According
to RG4N, Brewster McCracken said the only way this will work is if RG4N files a
lawsuit against the city. Liz Haltom
conceded that the lawsuit probably wouldn’t be successful, but it should be
filed anyway and within one month to preserve RG4N’s claims. According to Liz Haltom this has to be done
before the legislature meets in January, RG4N is certain that Suttle is already
working to have the legislature take the steps necessary to block RG4N’s
actions. This lawsuit would be a part of
a larger RG4N strategy to bring everyone to the table. In order to file the lawsuit RG4N needs
$25,000 – they have already blown through the $4,000 they raised at the
beginning and have legal bills of $4,500 and owe $750-800 for the printing of
their signs. They will be coming back to
the Neighborhood Associations for contributions (see General Meeting petition).

Paul Nagy asked Liz Haltom who she is representing to be
clear and to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. Liz Haltom – I am an independent attorney and
work as RG4N’s legal liaison. I am RG’s
lawyer even though I am not paid. Brigid
Shea said RG4N has a lot of lawyers working for them. Liz Haltom said they are not lawyers; they
are paralegals that can only do so much because of a conflict of interest. There is only one law firm that can provide
assistance to RG4N because of the conflict of interest issue.  RG4N has to sue even if the lawsuit
fails. Brigid Shea requested that the
information exchanged at today’s meeting not be shared as it could impact their
case. Paul Nagy explained that the ANA
by-laws do not provide for Executive Sessions in which to discuss legal
matters, that this meeting is a public forum and the ANA secretary was taking
notes and that the minutes from this meeting would be posted on the
website. Liz Haltom said she was not
breaking any confidences when she decided to speak before the ANA Executive
Committee. Since Wal-Mart won’t consider
downsizing their 24/7 hours of operation, RG4N has to go after Lincoln Property
Co since Lincoln Property Co owns the site. She said they knew a pension fund was funding the Lincoln purchase of Northcross, they don’t know who it is yet but they are still
looking into that. If they could cause
some doubt, then the pension fund might pull out of the Northcross purchase.

Liz Haltom suggested one way to circumvent the redevelopment
is for the surrounding neighborhood associations to enter into the City of Austin
  NCCD (Neighborhood Conservation Combining District)
overlay for Northcross Mall. Linnea
Anderson asked the difference in NCCD and VMU (Vertical Mixed Use). Liz Haltom said an NCCD and a VMU can be done
concurrently and that an NCCD does not require a neighborhood plan in place
first. An NCCD requires the surrounding
neighborhood associations to come together to develop a vision for Northcross. Linnea asked for other cities where NCCD’s
have worked. Paige Hill suggested Linnea
look at Denver. Brigid Shea said she would give Linnea
contact names for people involved in the E 11th St

Branch Library on Steck – Allandale has had no communication with the other NA’s
concerning the branch library planned for Steck & Burnet by the new car
dealership. Chip Harris from Crestview
is with us today. North Shoal Creek
(NSCNA) and Wooten were invited. The
bids are due at the city by the end of December 2006 with the contract to be
awarded in February 2007, so the NA’s need to act quickly as we have a narrow
window of opportunity in which to slow this process down and have the city
suspend the bidding process in order to negotiate with Lincoln Property Co for
space in Northcross Mall. The branch
library would be a good fit for Northcross when you consider the vision the
NA’s and the city have for Northcross. If Lincoln would sell or
lease a space for the library that would provide more space for books and more
space for meeting rooms this would be a huge benefit for the NA’s. It would place the library in the center of
activity and be a great place for families to come and browse through the
library and then go watch the ice skaters. Chip Harris, President of Crestview has some concerns. If the space is leased and the city goes
through a downturn and starts cutting the budget – a leased library space would
be one of the first things cut. Do we
negotiate buy or lease? You never know
what the city will do and is concerned about the finite time frame. But to have something in the center of
service for the NA’s is better than having the branch library on the fringes. Liz Haltom is on the board of NSCNA and
thinks the NSCNA board will go along with this idea. Gretchen Vaden will put together a letter for
the NA’s to sign and then get together with the NA’s to negotiate with the city
and Lincoln. Paul Nagy motioned to request the city to
suspend the bidding process on the new building and review the option of
placing the library in Northcross Mall. Patrick Manley seconded. All
voted in favor.

Northcross Redevelopment Team – Allandale needs to have a team made up of ANA Executive
Committee members, VMU members, and neighbors. Gretchen Vaden asked for volunteers. From the ANA Executive Committee – Allan McMurtry, Linnea Anderson, and
Kay Newell. Allandale neighbors –
Michael Bomba and Mark Weiler.

General Meeting Request – Dan Jones presented a General Meeting request signed by 15

We, the undersigned members of Allandale Neighborhood
Association, do hereby call for a special meeting of the General Membership,
under the provisions of the ANA Bylaws Article VI, paragraph 5.

Issues to be discussed at said meeting are related to
Northcross redevelopment. They shall include, but need not be limited to:

1. A period in which the membership is invited to ask
questions and make comments

2. Treasurer’s report stating all bank balances and money
owed by ANA

3. Discussion and action regarding a financial contribution
from ANA to "Responsible Growth for Northcross", an organization
opposing the present redevelopment plan.

4. An executive committee meeting to act on any expenditures
approved by the membership

5. Appointment of a delegation of ANA members to meet with
City Council to express ANA’s position on Lincoln’s
current redevelopment plan

We also request that this meeting be held in a venue which
imposes no restriction on its length, and that it be scheduled as soon as
possible.Liz Haltom said the RG4N cause would wither on the vine
without funding. Paul Nagy said someone
had posted a fund raising request on the Allandale listserve today. A discussion followed as to when to hold the
meeting. Paul Nagy said if other than
Wednesday ANA would have to spend several hundred dollars to have new signs
printed. Richard Heffernan offered to
pick up the added expense for the signs. Katie Hansen offered to secure a location; she will talk with St
  John’s, Covenant, Lamar
Middle School, and Gullett
Elementary. Per Liz, it would be great
to have the neighborhood on board. Tom
Linehan – historically speaking ANA has been involved in a lawsuit before. Allan McMurtry – yes, the by-laws allow for
it. In the past ANA joined the lawsuit
against TxDOT to prevent the Koenig Freeway. Per Katie Hansen – the lawsuit is not viable without the funding. Allan McMurtry motioned to have a General
Meeting onJanuary 8th 2007,
which is one day before the legislature goes into session on January 9th 2007. Katie Hansen and Kay Newell seconded the
motion. Why can’t the meeting be
earlier? Allan will not be back until at
least January 3rd 2007. Paul Nagy motioned to amend the motion to
hold the General Meeting between Jan 4 and 9, 2007. Kay Newell seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Community seminar in AZ – Linnea Anderson is to attend a community-building seminar in
AZ and will use the Northcross redevelopment as her project assignment.

The meeting was adjourned.