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ANA Executive Committee Dec 16, 2006

Executive Committee (EC) present – Patrick Manley, Tom
Linehan, Linnea Anderson, Kay Newell, Paul Nagy, Gretchen Vaden, Allan
McMurtry, and Katie Hansen

Absent – Susan Frank, Jeff Frank, and Joe Reynolds

Neighborhood Planning Co-Chairs present – Ran Hirsh and
Kerry Kimbrough. Absent – Steven Zettner

Newsletter – Should we consider outsourcing the newsletter due to the
other issues the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA) is involved in? 

Wal-Mart Delays Plans

Yestderday, Wal-Mart announced it will delay its plans to build a store at the Northcross location for 60 days to allow time to meet with neighborhood groups regarding the Supercenter. More about this announcement in today’s Statesman. What questions do you want...

Tomorrow’s City Council Meeting

From the City’s web site: "City staff is scheduled to present answers to questions from Council and the public regarding the development of Northcross Mall at the Dec. 14, 2006, Austin City Council meeting. Austin City Council meets in the Council Chambers...