submitted by Linda Huff

After observing that the survey produced by the ANA shows a significant majority of Allandale residents oppose the Wal-Mart, I felt compelled to write and express my concern as to why the ANA is not taking a lead in opposing the Wal-Mart based on the reasons in the the ANA charter: " to protect the neighborhood quality of life, safety, residential characteristics and property values."

Northcross, I believe, should have a grocery store but not a 220,000 square foot behemoth that will be unleasable if the store is later abandoned by Wal-Mart. In researching past Lincoln  Property/Wal-Mart deals I became aware that these companies initially give a very low traffic flow impact, then, after they are in place and operating, they petition cities to expand the arterial roads to their complexes.

There is no doubt that this would have huge implications for traffic on
interior streets in our neighborhood. The fact that the Super Wal-Mart
will be open 24×7 means that traffic on interior streets will be 24×7
as well, not to mention the noise, light and run-off pollution from the

There are studies available that explain how Wal-Marts reduce
property values and increase crime in the neighborhoods they occupy. We
do not need a super big box like Wal-Mart in our neighborhood. I cannot
find one advantage of such a store at Northcross – it will ultimately
only hurt Allandale. Concessions are not enough and honestly never work
with Wal-Mart. We need to stop it. Period.

When Don and I were passing out fliers in our part of Allandale for the
Responsible Growth for Northcross Community Forum meeting, (which will
be held on Thursday, November 30, at 7 p.m. at Grace Church of the
Nazarene at 1006 W. Koenig Ln.) we were thanked by several residents who
were thrilled to hear that someone was actually trying to stop the
Wal-Mart from happening. They couldn’t understand why the ANA hadn’t
done anything to stop it.

I don’t understand as well why the ANA leadership has not tackled this
catastrophe – perhaps they think the Wal-Mart is a "done deal." There
are numerous ways of preventing Wal-Mart from happening and also
getting a different and eclectic development that better fits our
neighborhood and the plan for Austin as a whole. I encourage all of the
ANA Board to attend the Wal-Mart meeting on Thursday to hear how this
can become a reality and to consider an approach to Wal-Mart that is
better aligned with the wishes of Allandale and with all the other
neighborhoods: Wooten Park, Crestview, Brentwood, North Shoal Creek,
Rosedale and others who are willing to fight this threat together.

We moved here in 1975 and raised our children in this great and safe
neighorhood – we love it and don’t want to see it destroyed. Please
help us protect it for future generations.

Linda Huff
2703 Pegram Ave.