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Area residents don’t want Wal-Mart as an anchor tenant in the planned Northcross redevelopment according to our online survey. Of the 260 responses, 69% or 180 people are against it, 17% (45 people) are for it, and 13.5% (35 people) are undecided. (Click on image to see full graph). 

Here’s a link to the full results (when the image appears, click on it to enlarge). The following are links to the “Other” responses for Questions two, three, and four.

The purpose of the survey was to get an idea of what residents thought about Lincoln Properties’ plans for the redevelopment of Northcross Mall which includes a 2-story Wal-Mart.

Judging from what we heard at last week’s meeting with Lincoln Properties and Wal-Mart representatives at Covenant church people are against it, but we wanted to find out if that sentiment was shared by others in the neighborhood.

Clearly there are limitations to our survey methodology, the most obvious is you had to take it online. We chose this method because of the time, money, and effort it would take to prepare and distribute a printed survey.

We also received a complaint that the period of time people had to respond to the survey was too short. We put it up on the web site and announced it in the Allandale listserv last Sunday, 11.19.06 and took it down on Wednesday, 11.22.06. Again, our intent was to get a quick idea on where people stand. Remember, there’s not a whole lot of time before construction gets underway on the project.  Plans are to start on the redevelopment the first part of January.

I encourage you to read the complete results including the comments. There are a number of good points pro and con.