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Wooten NA meeting
13 2006
Richard Suttle of the law firm Armbrust & Brown – real
estate lawyer for Wal-Mart

Per Richard, Wal-Mart is a tenant in Northcross Mall. The site plan went through all the normal
city processes and has been issued. Wal-Mart will be leasing from Lincoln Properties. The lease was signed in the last month or
two. In the last two weeks they have
talked to City Council about the lease and the plans Lincoln & Wal-Mart
have for Northcross. City Council
members are the ones that said Lincoln/Wal-Mart had met with neighbors – this
information is wrong. Tonight is the
first meeting with neighbors.

is a redevelopment of an existing mall with Wal-Mart as a tenant. The
duration of the lease is long-term. A question was raised – can this
Wal-Mart be
built along the lines of the Aurora, Colorado Wal-Mart. Richard said
after the redevelopment of this
mall the water quality would be better than it is now. There will be a
retention pond on the west
side of the property. Richard doesn’t
know if a TIA (Traffic Impact Analysis) was run, if it was it would be
on file
with the City. A TIA is run if there is
an increase of 2,000 trips a day. The
only thing left to do is to take out a building permit – since this is
redevelopment of an existing mall there won’t be any zoning changes
involved. A question was raised about the pending Big
Box Ordinance – would Wal-Mart hold off and go through that process –
doesn’t know, but will pass this and all other questions raised tonight
on to

Richard said that because of the short
notification of the meeting they were unable to get a representative
from Lincoln properties or Wal-Mart at tonight’s meeting. Consequently,
there were a lot of questions that he could not answer.