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Did you know that a proportion of Proposition 2 will
directly benefit Allandale? This
proposition addresses flooding issues with in the City of Austin. In Allandale, the intersection of Bull
  Creek Rd and White Rock
is the number 5 priority
of the bond issue.

The photo above is a view of White Rock Road (in the foreground) and the
Drainage ditch in the background) that runs parallel to Bull Creek
Road.  Side walk that leads to Lamar Middle School is next to
telephone pole (by the rapids).

To give you
some background, the flooding at this intersection reaches dangerous levels
during even a moderate rainfall. In the
photographs taken here on 9/23/06,
only 1.5 inches of rain was reported in our neighborhood. You can see that the sidewalk is under 6 or
more inches of very fast velocity water. This one of the main routes to Lamar middle school and many students use
this sidewalk daily. One neighbor on
White Rock has had to call out emergency crews on two occasions to rescue
people in vehicles stuck in the water because the velocity of water flow was
too high to safely help them out of their cars.

flooding at this intersection impacts over 100 houses and has been known to
damage landscaping and remove the skirts from houses in even a moderate
rainfall. Since the city infrastructure
is unable to handle the water runoff in even a moderate rainfall, the neighbors
are concerned about what might happen in a catastrophic flood such as the 1981
that destroyed much of our neighborhood.

2 will fund a large water collection pipe that will run under White
  Rock Drive, down into Shoal Creek. In addition, the banks and tunnels of Shoal
Creek will be improved to prevent flooding in our neighborhood as well as
downstream. If you have any questions,
please feel free to e-mail me at k.hansen [Email address: k.hansen #AT# mail.utexas.edu - replace #AT# with @ ]

Katie Hansen
6101 Bull
Creek Road