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This is not over!

Meetingsubmitted by Tom Linehan and Steven Zettner

It was standing room only by the time everyone finished filing in at tonight’s Responsible Growth for Northcross meeting. The message was simple: Wal-Mart is not a done deal.

The  meeting lasted a little over an hour and in that time organizers provided a background on the project, gave a status on where things stand, took questions, and laid out the plan for mobilizing oppostion. It concluded with people directed to one of 8 committee tables to volunteer. A petition was signed and donations taken.

Why Isn’t ANA Doing Anything to Stop Wal-Mart?

submitted by Linda Huff

After observing that the survey produced by the ANA shows a significant majority of Allandale residents oppose the Wal-Mart, I felt compelled to write and express my concern as to why the ANA is not taking a lead in opposing the Wal-Mart based on the reasons in the the ANA charter: " to protect the neighborhood quality of life, safety, residential characteristics and property values."

Northcross, I believe, should have a grocery store but not a 220,000 square foot behemoth that will be unleasable if the store is later abandoned by Wal-Mart. In researching past Lincoln  Property/Wal-Mart deals I became aware that these companies initially give a very low traffic flow impact, then, after they are in place and operating, they petition cities to expand the arterial roads to their complexes.

Shoal Creek Sidewalk Update

an email from Darryl Haba, the City’s project manager on the Shoal Creek sidewalk project:

From: "Haba, Darryl"

Date: November 15,
2006 7:48:33 AM CST

Just wanted to provide you with an update.  All work
along Shoal Creek from 38th Street to Allandale is now complete.  We have two sections of railing to install
once they come in from the fabrication plant but all sidewalk, ramps, and
retaining wall work is complete.  The remainder of this week we will clean
up our staging areas south of Allandale and resod them if needed and do a general
“once over” of the area to make sure we have all our construction debris
cleaned up.

Summary of Wooten NA Meeting With Wal-Mart Representative

submitted by Kay Newell

Wooten NA meeting
13 2006
Richard Suttle of the law firm Armbrust & Brown – real
estate lawyer for Wal-Mart

Per Richard, Wal-Mart is a tenant in Northcross Mall. The site plan went through all the normal
city processes and has been issued. Wal-Mart will be leasing from Lincoln Properties. The lease was signed in the last month or
two. In the last two weeks they have
talked to City Council about the lease and the plans Lincoln & Wal-Mart
have for Northcross. City Council
members are the ones that said Lincoln/Wal-Mart had met with neighbors – this
information is wrong. Tonight is the
first meeting with neighbors.