In 2005 CAMPO (Capitol Area Metropolitan Planning Organization) included this in the
2030 Plan: MoPac – FM734 to Town Lake, construction of managed lanes
within existing Loop 1 ROW (Right of Way) and at or below grade with the
installation of soundwalls.

A Message from the Project Manager

As project manager for the Texas Department of
Transportation’s (TxDOT) MoPac 1 project, I am excited about working with
corridor residents, roadway users, public officials and other to develop a plan
for improving conditions along the Loop 1 (MoPac
Expressway) corridor.

The importance of
public involvement in this project cannot be overstated, and the input we
received is a crucial ingredient to its success.

The project team also will address community issues such as
traffic noise, beginning with the identification of areas adjacent to the
highway that would benefit from noise abatement measures, such as noise
barriers, in accordance with TxDOT’s federally approved noise guidelines

Our over reaching goal for the Mopac 1 project is simple –
to provide workable solutions to the area’s transportation needs while

Austin’s unique
character. I encourage you to get
involved and have a say in how we achieve that goal.


Mark F. Herber, P.E.
MoPac 1 Project Manager
Texas Department of Transportation