It starts small and simple, but what could be next. On
Monday someone had the nerve to steal the two 24" illuminated pumpkins and
waterproof power box off the front of the deck in my front yard. Total value:
under $50.00. They didn’t take time to steal the pumpkin patch, the witch that
crashed on my tree, or the tombstones in my graveyard, all a part of my
traditional Halloween display. However, maybe tomorrow they will. I spend hours
cutting out and hand paint almost all the decorations I put up year to year,
and often get compliments. In fact, I just noticed tonight, while looking
through the Allandale Reporter a photograph of my home. It must have submitted
last year for Halloween decorated yards. I pity the individual(s) that would stoup to so low as to steal
decorations. I do hope you will report anyone at any residence in the
neighborhood that appears suspicious or just out of place to 311. I’ll be
looking for those pumpkins on someone else’s porch. It’s a sad way to start up
the holiday season, but I will still greet all callers at my home with the
customary treats. Have a safe Halloween!

Mark Holder
6311 Shoal Creek Blvd.
512 565-4306