The Allandale Neighborhood Association wants to HEAR FROM YOU. In a couple of weeks, ANA will be delivering a survey to your doorstep. Please take a few minutes to fill it out and return it. You will be able to complete it online if you prefer.

The purpose of the survey is to find out what matters most to Allandale
residents, both now and for the future. Information from the survey will help guide the neighborhood association as it gets underway with the City’s neighborhood planning process. It will also provide guidance to the Allandale Neighborhood Association board members on what’s important to residents. The results will be published in the newsletter and on this web site. What follows is a brief Q&A about the upcoming survey:

1. What is this survey all about?
We want to find out what matters most to Allandale
residents, both now and for the future. That will give us both a starting point
and a direction for discovering what we want to see in our neighborhood plan

2. Who is responsible for this survey?
The ANA Neighborhood Planning Committee (NPC). For now,
these are the people who are signed up on the allandaleplanning listserv (allandaleplanning [Email address: allandaleplanning #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]).

3. How will survey results be used?
To help us get started on our NP. Instead of sitting idle
for months until the City of Austin (COA)  process begins, we can start now to think about what
our vision and goals should be. This is constructive because a vision and goals
statement will eventually be part of the COA process. 

4. How were the survey questions chosen?
The questions are intended to discover neighbors’ attitudes
about Allandale, both today and for the future. We want to explore every
dimension of living in Allandale. Choices were selected to touch on all of the
following dimensions.

• Affordability

•  Community

•  Diversity

•  Environment

• Housing 
• Security

• Services
• Recreation
• Transportation 

5. Why was the survey limited to just these questions?
Focus is essential for a successful survey. People need a
clear and compelling reason to respond. Therefore, any question not directly
related to the main goal was omitted.

6. How will the survey be distributed?
Through multiple channels simultaneously — the ANA
newsletter, email to the allandale listserv, and the ANA Web site.