Dry_dock_1Drydock Seafood (formerly Asian Buffet/Romeo’s/Pancho’s) went before the Zoning and Platting Commitee on 10/17/06 seeking a permit to
allow it to remain open until 2 am. The request for a late night permit was opposed by the Allandale Neighborhood Association. What follows is  a message posted to the Allandale listserv responding to a question regarding the outcome by sherahjr [Email address: sherahjr #AT# aol.com - replace #AT# with @ ] on 10/18/06:

The vote was 7-2 (which can be appealed by the applicant to the City
Council).  It seemed that the members were not impressed that the
renovation work for the restaurant on this lease property began without
obtaining proper city permits (and the project was red-tagged because of
that). Also, it seemed they were quite clear that the purpose of staying
open until 2 a.m. on Thurs/Fri/Sat evenings would be to generate revenue
from alcohol sales, not restaurant food.  It also seemed clear that they
understood that the ANA wants to foster a family-type business area rather
than encourage late-night pubs from encroaching on our ‘hood. Even HEB
closes at 1, which would leave the proposed  "club/restaurant" the only
establishment staying open in that center until 2 a.m. Ya’ll can say thanks
to John Keohane and neighbors on Wynona street, and other ANA faithful who
stayed there from 6-10:30 last night, in order to protect the ANA interests
on this issue. Ya’ll can also thank Amy Simmons for making time to come
speak on the issue. All of the this proves once again that neighborhood
participation does count!