Gretchen opened the meeting. The Neighborhood Planning Committee (NPC) of Allandale has a listserve –
to subscribe: allandaleplanning-subscribe [Email address: allandaleplanning-subscribe #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] Five people from this committee have taken
leadership roles in producing the Allandale neighborhood planning (np) survey –
Ranleigh Hirsh, Tom Linehan, Steven Zettner, Kerry Kimbrough, and Kay
Newell. Ranleigh Hirsh, Steven Zettner,
and Kerry Kimbrough have accepted the positions of co-chairs for neighborhood

Tom Linehan is on the Executive
Committee and is running the Allandale website – The Allandale Reporter Kay
Newell is also on the Executive Committee and is Secretary for MoNAC.

Gretchen welcomed and introduced the neighborhood
association (NA) representatives that are visiting tonight’s meeting; they
include members of North Shoal Creek NA, WANG, Rosedale NA, HPWBANA, and
Oakmont Heights NA.

Tom Linehan ran through an update of the steps of the
survey, Ran has created the online version; Mark Walters COA has approved the
neighborhood survey.

Mark Walters COA Principal Planner – ANA needs to educate
ourselves on the NP process – A neighborhood plan provides a collaborative
vision of how the neighborhood sees itself now and in the future. The plan becomes a part of the COA
comprehensive plans.

Brewster McCracken COA councilmember – VMU overlay offers
the neighborhood a chance to shape the corridor. VMU introduces density in the corridors and
not in the SF portion of the neighborhood. VMU will help keep Burnet & Anderson from becoming freeways. This needs to be a multi-neighborhood
approach, petition the city in March to add funding for a professional
consulting team to do the VMU/corridor plan. If added to the budget the money will become available in the fall. The reason Allandale needs to be at the top
of the heap – Allandale is the neighborhood under the most intense development
and has two core transit corridors as boundaries (Burnet & Anderson). If a plan were not in place the City of Austin
  City Council would be making ad hoc decisions,
Allandale would be vulnerable without having a vision to respond with. VMU/corridor plan allows Allandale to take
control of our destiny.