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Fifty years ago, Allandale was the edge of town, Burnet Road was simply the highway to Burnet, and the biggest business was gasoline. In February 1957, Warren Broz opened a Gulf station at Burnet Road and Pegram. Fifty years later, Broz Automotive has changed with the times, but they’re still going strong. Warren’s son Roger Broz, the current owner, tells the story.

Rogerbroz“In 2005, we began to focus on doing state inspections. We chose our new name — A New Sticker — as a catchier way to say that. But a lot of folks know us as Broz Automotive, so we still go by that, too. In 1957, gas stations were mostly what you saw around here. We had the Gulf station and there was a Humble station across the street, and there was another gas and food place at Burnet and Richcreek, which is where we’re located now. There were some country people living nearby, but that was about it. The road names were even more mixed up back then. You know, Justin turns into Pegram, which turns into Vine, which turns into Wilbur. Well, back then the one-block stretch east of Burnet, between Burnet Road and Burnet Lane, had an even different name —- I think it was called Whatley. When we were at Pegram, my father added on some extra space, and we started doing repair work. I went to work there around 1975. Then, in 1987 we moved to our current location at Richcreek, and I starting running the place after that.”

BrozanalyzerToday, A New Sticker glows brightly with a new coat of electric yellow. Inside are six spacious bays where Roger and his crew do their
inspections and, occasionally, some maintenance and repair work. Nowadays, state inspections involve complicated emissions checking that requires special equipment. Anew Sticker is one of the few places that are equipped with multiple emissions analyzers for faster turnaround. Roger said, “I think people still come to us because we’re a family operation, and they know we always do a good, honest job”.Brozsign_1

Broz has stuck with Allandale all these years because he likes the location. “We’ve always served the people around here,” said Roger. “It’s a good neighborhood, and I think it’s maybe even getting better now. Of course, Burnet Road has plenty of traffic and that’s good for our business. There’s a lot of vitality there.”