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Gretchen Vaden Nagy,
President of the Allandale Neighborhood Association, opened the September 2006
General Meeting.

Main Library – Proposition 6
Gretchen introduced David Mintz – City of Austin
  Library Commission Chair and former President of
ANA. David spoke about the need for a
new main library to provide all of Austin with a stronger library system. The
current main library opened in the 1970’s, since then the library system has
grown from 11 locations to 22. This has
caused a great deal of strain on the main library.

This has
caused a great deal of strain on the main library. They have no shelf space at the main library
to handle the expansion of the library system. When the main library buys a new
book they have to take a book off the shelf. There are more parking spaces at the Yarbrough Branch Library than there
are at the main library. The new main
library is Proposition 6 on the November 2006 ballot early voting begins
October 23. It will take $90 million to
build a basic main library for

and pay for new books, computers, etc. The new main library will be located at the Thomas C Green Water
Treatment site. David expects contributions will help bring in the rest of the
funding needed for the new main library. To volunteer and contribute to the new main library visit and don’t forget to vote November 7.

Neighborhood Flooding – Proposition 2
Gretchen reminded the membership that Proposition 2
(Drainage and Water Quality Protection) is directly related to Allandale. Part of Proposition 2 will address the
serious flooding issues faced by our neighbors in the area of Bull Creek,
Woodview, and Whitehorse Trail. Please
review the Bond Propositions and vote November 7.

IBM 10K with elite runners from Kenya
IBM Uptown Classic 10K will start at 8am Sunday October
1 2006. It will begin and
end at NorthCross Mall and wind through Allandale. David spoke about the signs posted through
the neighborhood and flyers delivered to neighbors in the area of the 10K. He said police and EMS would be there to facilitate the race. There will be elite runners from Kenya
participating in this years 10K. This is
a great annual event for Allandale.

Ball Moss
Leslie Christensen reviewed
all the contacts and meetings she has had concerning the oak trees and ball
moss in the Shoal Creek Greenbelt area. Shane is working on getting tree trimming companies to donate men and
equipment to trim the deadwood out of the oak trees on Oct 14 2006. Mary will send out press releases for this event. Joe motioned to have ANA provide food and
water for the workers, Jeff seconded the motion, the membership voted in favor. Once this is finished Leslie will see what
remains to be trimmed and how much ball moss will be left to clean out of the
oak trees. Leslie is also working with
Todd Watson, the top ball moss researcher at A&M. He will run a research program using Milstop
by BioWorks to see if it will effectively take care of the ball moss. If it does, BioWorks will petition the EPA to
have ball moss removal added to the Milstop label. If this happens, then the City of Austin
  Parks Dept has agreed to add Milstop to the Parks
budget to take care of all the ball moss on city property. Leslie explained that ball moss is not a
parasite, but when a weak tree is overloaded with the ball moss the tree will
die. Gretchen suggested looking into
placing bike racks, picnic tables, or exercise sections along the high section
of the greenbelt so people can enjoy the greenbelt. Thank you to Leslie for stepping up and
taking on this project! ANA is looking
forward to participating each step along the way and helping you restore the trees
in the Shoal Creek Greenbelt to a healthy state.

Allandale Newsletter
Gretchen asked for comments about potential changes to the
newsletter, what members like and don’t like. Phyllis Brinkley has single-handedly produced the Allandale
Newsletter. Since Phyllis is currently
in rehab, a discussion was held as to how to handle the newsletter. In 2004 the newsletter made $810, in 2005
$1900, and for the first quarter of 2006 lost $10. Worley prints the newsletter at a discount
for Allandale, but delivery and printing costs will continue to go up. There was a discussion of continuing to
handle in house or look to an outside newsletter company. Joe said the articles would still have to
come into the association and be reviewed. Paul said the newsletter helps preserve the neighborhood and acts as a
catalyst for active participation in the neighborhood association. A number of members stepped up and offered to
work on the newsletter, keeping it in house. The membership sent a Vote of Thanks to Phyllis Brinkley for all her
years of service to Allandale and the Allandale newsletter. If you are interested in participating in the
newsletter committee, please contact Gretchen Vaden – gvaden [Email address: gvaden #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

School donations
ANA donates $500 each to Gullett and Lamar. This year we will add Lucy Read. A special $500 was sent to Gullett this year
for their teaching garden.

Get your Allandale t-shirt!
Allandale t-shirts are for sale – one for $12 and two for
$20. This is a great way to show your
support for your neighborhood! Contact
Gretchen – gvaden [Email address: gvaden #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

We have a coordinator for It’s My Park Day
Gretchen introduced Linnea Anderson as our volunteer
coordinator for It’s My Park Day 2007.
Thank you Linnea!!!

Chris Allen
We thank Chris Allen for
joining us and giving us a preview of the new Residential Regulations. Chris is a member of the committee writing
the Residential Regulations. The
regulations will impact the urban central core of Austin – Allandale being one
of those neighborhoods. Chris explained
the maximum amount of development and buildable area segments of the new
code. Click on the following link
, then click on
"Clarion" to see a presentation similar to Chris’. The link provides diagrams, descriptions,
setbacks, etc. Chris said even with the
restrictions, large homes can be built on lots – he referred to the examples
that have been running in the Austin American Statesman. Amendments to the regulations are being
reviewed by the city council Sept 28, with the new regulations going into place
Oct 1 2006.

Neighborhood Planning – guess who is coming
The Neighborhood Planning Committee will meet Oct 25 2006 from 6pm-7pm @ Yarbrough Library prior to the Executive
Committee meeting. Brewster McCracken,
councilmember and Mark Walters, COA neighborhood planner will be guest
speakers. Mark to answer questions about
neighborhood planning and Brewster to answer questions about the ‘teeth’ of
neighborhood plans.

ANA’s great neighborhood survey
Gretchen thanked Kerry Kimbrough,
Tom Linehan, and Steven
Zettner for all their hard work on the neighborhood
survey. The survey will help determine a
direction for Allandale’s neighborhood planning process. We encourage all of you to respond to the
survey and to encourage your neighbors to respond. The approximate cost for printing and
delivery is $300, plus another $20 for a monthly subscription to Lois Zinsmeyer
motioned for approval; Jeff Frank seconded the motion, the membership voted in

By-Laws update
A By-Laws committee will be set up with an initial meeting
next month. The committee will work on
updating the by-laws over the next six months – there will be meetings with the
Executive Committee and then the final version will be presented to the membership
for approval at ANA’s next General Meeting, March 28 2007. If
you are interested in this committee please contact
Vaden- gvaden [Email address: gvaden #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

For the last few years it has been difficult to find
volunteers to fill the positions on the Executive Committee, at one time only
four of the eleven positions were filled – not enough for a quorum. For the past 1 1/2 years we have had a full
board, but none of the eligible Executive Committee members were willing to
take on the job as President of ANA.

Vaden is willing to continue on as President since we have a
strong, working Executive Committee. In
August the Executive Committee amended the by-laws to remove term limits
pending approval by the September 2006 General Meeting. Ann Young motioned to approve the removal of
term limits, Jeff Frank seconded the motion. Allan McMurtry asked to change the wording to – remove term limits in
the interim until the by-laws have been written or one year whichever is
longer. Ann Young motioned to approve
the revised motion; Jeff Frank seconded the motion, the membership voted in

In the past few years’ volunteers for the Executive
Committee have stepped forward at General Meetings. In August the Executive Committee voted to
waive the nominating committee section of the by-laws, pending approval by the
General Membership. Linnea Anderson
motioned to approve, Bill seconded the motion, the membership voted in

Election of Officers and Executive Committee members
Gretchen provided background information on each of the
current officers of ANA. There were no
nominations from the floor for the Officer positions.

President – Gretchen Vaden Nagy – Jerre Heaton motioned, John Keohane seconded, the membership voted in

Vice President – Susan Frank – Kay Newell motioned, Jeff
Frank seconded, the membership voted in favor.

Secretary – Kay Newell – Linnea Anderson motioned, Jerre
Heaton seconded, the membership voted in favor.

Treasurer – Paul Nagy – Kay Newell motioned, Linnea Anderson
seconded, the membership voted in favor.

The nominations for the Executive Committee were then
opened; Gretchen provided background information on the current members. Eleven people were nominated; four withdrew
their names – Cheryl Silver, Jeff Frank,
Debbie Lee, and Jackie O’Keefe. Jim Bryce
motioned to approve the seven nominations, Jerre Heaton seconded, the
membership voted in favor. The following
are the new Executive Committee members: Patrick Manley (current member), Tom Linehan (current member), Allan McMurtry, Katie Hansen, John Keohane, Linnea Anderson,
and Joe Reynolds.

To outgoing members Cheryl
Silver, Jeff Frank, Wendy Wilson, and Pat Briggs – thank you
very much for your service and continued support of the association.

Sign Help Wanted
Gretchen asked for volunteers to put out and take up ANA
meeting signs. If you are interested
please contact Gretchen Vaden –
gvaden [Email address: gvaden #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Gullett’s 50th Anniversary
Gullett’s 50th Anniversary is September 30, 2006 from 9am
– 12pm. For more information
about the activities

The meeting was adjourned. See you at the Neighborhood Planning meeting Oct 25 6pm-7pm, followed by the Executive Committee meeting
starting at 7pm, Yarbrough Library.