Crime in Allandale for the last 6 months is down compared to the same period last year. Pulling from the City’s online crime database, the number of incidents police were called to and submitted a formal written report on totaled 624 compared to 753 in 2005. As always, burglary of vehicles (77 incidents) and Theft (67 incidents) ranked at the top of the list. While this is worrisome, it’s helpful to know that over half of the burglaries of vehicles took place in parking lots and business establishments as opposed to residences, and most of the thefts were from businesses. Nevertheless, there were a total of 22 burglary of residences in the last 6 months. This compares 20 burglaries in 2005.

Surprisingly, criminal mischief is down significantly this year over
last year. Criminal mischief includes things like vandalism. There were
a few people reporting such incidents on the listserve earlier in the
year.  Even though there were 34 incidents compared to 59 last year,
criminal mischief is a problem in the neighborhood and ranks as the
third most common crime in the area. These are the highlites however there are over 130 reported crimes on the lists. You can get the detail here
or go to the City’s crime database, the  source of the data here.