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This afternoon I saw a huge crane off of Burnet
  Rd. with lights atop them, then spied a
"Set" sign by the Omelettry. I
went down there tonight (9/19) to see what was going on and found out that a
movie called "Grind House," which will consist of 2 segements, is
being filmed there. One segment is
called "Planet Terror" (zombie theme) and was directed by Robert
Rodriquez (I believe the filming of this part was completed in Austin
earlier this year). The second segment
is a slasher called "Death Proof" and is being directed by Quentin
Tarantino now. I saw Mr. Tarantino
sitting in a director’s chair. I waited
around to watch them make fake rain (if they had been here several nights ago
they could have saved themselves a whole lot of trouble!). There were also 3 Chevy Novas in the parking
lot, all alike and with the same license plate number. I have no idea how that figures into the
story! Attached are some of the photos I