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New Officers Elected – Minutes from September General Meeting

submitted by Kay Newell

Gretchen Vaden Nagy,
President of the Allandale Neighborhood Association, opened the September 2006
General Meeting.

Main Library – Proposition 6
Gretchen introduced David Mintz – City of Austin
  Library Commission Chair and former President of
ANA. David spoke about the need for a
new main library to provide all of Austin with a stronger library system. The
current main library opened in the 1970’s, since then the library system has
grown from 11 locations to 22. This has
caused a great deal of strain on the main library.

Mac Rolls On

The McCallum Knights took one more step on their march toward the playoffs last Friday night at House Park. The Knights took on the Johnston Rams, and when the night was over, the Knights were victorious 69 to 6. After the Rams received the opening kickoff and were...

Filming on Burnet behind the Omelettr

submitted by Cindy Gustin This afternoon I saw a huge crane off of Burnet   Rd. with lights atop them, then spied a "Set" sign by the Omelettry. I went down there tonight (9/19) to see what was going on and found out that a movie called "Grind...

A Day in the Park

Golden Pond? Not quite, the photo to the left is the Northwest Park pond taken by Charles Randow this past weekend. You can see more photos from his afternoon at the park in the Snapshot gallery.

The Future of Mopac

What follows is a response from
Mark Herber, Project Manager at the Texas Department of Transportation to questions posted to the Allandale listserve regarding what’s in the works for Mopac.

Begin message:

Thank you for passing along the inquiry from the concerned
resident.  I appreciate the opportunity to "shed some additional
light on the subject." I will address the questions and statements (in "quotes" below) point
by point.

"I just read the ANA message from
about the upcoming "Open House" meetings regarding TxDOT plans for
developing MoPac between Parmer and Cesar Chavez."

Neighborhood Crime Stats

Crime in Allandale for the last 6 months is down compared to the same period last year. Pulling from the City’s online crime database, the number of incidents police were called to and submitted a formal written report on totaled 624 compared to 753 in 2005. As always, burglary of vehicles (77 incidents) and Theft (67 incidents) ranked at the top of the list. While this is worrisome, it’s helpful to know that over half of the burglaries of vehicles took place in parking lots and business establishments as opposed to residences, and most of the thefts were from businesses. Nevertheless, there were a total of 22 burglary of residences in the last 6 months. This compares 20 burglaries in 2005.